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The host has to get a better flow! He reads emails very monotone and is kind of boring when he talks. His information is great just has to get his flow.
I'm a female in a successful relationship who somehow stumbled on this show. I assumed it would be male puffery at its worse -- female hating and stereotypical, patriarchal advice. I couldn't have been more wrong. The advice here is thoughtful and smart! The host is super entertaining. I also find myself nodding in agreement to his advice. I think it is spot-on.
The V.U. Show is one of the best underground self-help shows out today. It’s what a real underground radio show should be.
This is one of the few shows that me and my son can both listen to and agree on.
I downloaded the “Boyfriend Tax” episode and the “Where Eagles Dare” episode. Just these two shows alone were enough to make me add it to my favorites list.
The host doesn’t call his shows “episodes”. He calls them MISSIONS. Hah! I love it.
I just listened to the show about “Why so many good men are still single”, and I wanted to dislike it, but I couldn’t. I have to admit, I agree with everything he said.
Back in the day, we had “The Shadow”, “Green Hornet”, and “Flash Gordon”. But now we got “Victory Unlimited”. The NEW Golden Age of Radio has begun. Keep the shows coming!
5 stars. That’s all I can say. “FIVE STARS”.


By Ousned
I think that what makes this show so good is that it’s not afraid to be TOTALLY original. Not many shows can pull off being comical and controversial at the same time. V.U. is the MAN!
I first heard about this show on Tariq Nasheed’s Mack Lessons Radio Show. Thanks for recommending it Tariq!
Y’all been sleepin’ for too long. I knew about this show when it first started. Y’all better play catch up because there’s no telling what subjects he’ll take on next.
This is one of those rare shows that uplifts men without putting down women. A lot different than a lot of those lame PUA, Manosphere, woman-hating shows that are taking up space here on Itunes. You know who you are.


By Tobjew
Forget about being a “player”. Forget about being a “mack”. The Viictory Unlimiited Show is all about being a “MAN”. All “caps’, baby.
Really nice
“How to Stop Making Dumb Moves with Smart Phones”. I have to say: That show was freakin’ brilliant! And funny too. I know too many guys and girls out there who are making complete fools out of themselves by texting too much. Lol…and I used to be one of them.
Dude…how the heck did an underground radio show get “The Rock” to do his intro for him? I kid you not. Ain’t that Dwayne Johnson kicking off Mission # 17: Why Pickup Artist Tricks will always fail you? If it ain’t. Then he has a squad of great voice talent in his “army”.
I know that these Itune reviews should probably just focus on this the radio show only, but to be honest, some of the best stuff about this show are the articles that he puts out that go along with the shows. I get a kick out of how he approaches dating, relationships, and life all from a pseudo-military perspective. It just adds a whole new element to the entertainment value of the show.
Five stars! ANY podcast that’s clever enough to mix “Ride of the Valkryies”, “The theme from The A-Team”, and “Sean Connery’s voice’ in a men’s dating advice show deserves every star it gets!
Man…that press conferences with that Sistah Souljah-type chick in the beginning of “How a Player can get captured by the game” was funny. That was some weird, wild, stuff.
I only downloaded this show because I heard it won two awards. One for Best Podcast and the other for Best Dating and Relationship Show. I really wasn’t expecting much because so many of these shows are all the same. But I have to admit that I totally misjudged this one. This guy doesn’t try to get away with throwing out easy answers. He actually gives in-depth views about how to be successful with women and how to be successful in life. IMPRESSIVE.
This show is like audio-crack. It’s addictive like a self-help drug, so you better watch out. Just kidding. Or am I? For real though, you should check it out.
This is the kind of information that guys with horrible girlfriends really need to hear. Nothing else like it. Enough said.
“Many of you know me. I, am Victory Unlimited…” Always the same intro for every show. But as soon as that’s over, God help you because you don’t know WHERE it’s gonna go after that. But it’s always interesting to keep listening and find out.
Listening to this show is like having the slack jerked out of you by a self-help drill sergeant while you’re going through dating and relationship Basic Training. And I mean that in a good way, of course.
V.U. wants YOU!
I think they should rename this show and start calling it the “Anti-Oprah and Anti-Dr. Phil Show”. Nah. On second thought, just keep calling it the VictoryUnlimitedShow! Carry on.
Underground Radio has broken through to the surface it seems. Way to bust up the status quo!
Rebel Radio at it’s finest!
Is that really Morgan Freeman you have introducing you at the beginning of show number 4 and show number 24??? If not, then I’ve got to give you a high rating just for fooling me.
You know that any show that has the intestinal fortitude (i.e.”Big Brass Ones”) to call itself the “Greatest dating, relationship, and life strategy show for men in the WORLD!” has to be worth listening to. And I believe I’ve heard that intro so many times now that now I’m starting to believe it’s true.
At last! I saw a news article about this guy and his show last week and I’ve been checking him out ever since. I’m already up to episode number twenty. If he keeps putting them out, I sure gonna keep listening. I’ve had it up to here with all of these pickup artist shows and “learn game” kind of shows. Life is about much more than just that. Victory’s show is on a mission to attack life from all angles.
That show about “Is Halle Berry Crazy” is the best show I’ve ever heard about how looks play a big part in the dating game.
When men get through “venting”, maybe they should listen to THIS show and start focusing on WINNING. Hey, I’m just sayin’…
Nobody drops Knowledge Bombs like V.U.---- NOBODY!
Not many shows can make me laugh about it first, and then seriously think about it later. The Bad boy-thug-criminal show had that kind of effect on me. This is definitely worth subscribing too.
Finally. A show that helps nice guys finish first for a change instead of last. THANK YOU.
If you’ve had enough of the woman-hating men’s self-help shows, then this one is for you. This guy puts out messages to help men be BETTER men today than you were yesterday.
I highly recommend this show.