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Who is this? Same podcast subscription as the old, real Power Hour, Joyce’s photo, different person!
You have changed my podcast to some other show. This is crazy!you have high jacked my podcast to some other show. I don’t get it. Not the Joyce Riley show.
This is no longer the real Power Hour. Joyce's Power Hour with Daniel Brigman can be found under the GCN appointed name “Power Hour Nation”. Such a shame that Dr. Conaway is trying to pass her show off as Joyce's legacy.


Appears to be a 3 hour podcast designed to trick the elderly out of their money.
I tried to take a drink every minute during this podcast, but it did not pump me up and I had a bad time at the bars afterwards.
See title. Won't come to the point. Doesn't provide evidence of claims. Religous AM radio but in a podcast form.
This is an awesome program of getting straight forward no bs truth that most people can't take! Thanks to my dad for introducing me to this. I now wake up earlier every day to tune into this program that I'm becoming addicted to and I'm sharing this with all I know that has an open mind to knowing seeing and hearing the truth as I am! WAKE UP AMERICA! Thanks you for this!
A show full of crazy conspiracy theories , holistic medicine con men and other assorted none sense .
I saw this garbage podcast pop up on my News and Politics section and gave it a listen. My God this show is just bad. Joyce Reilly and this crew of political illiterates can't seem to articulate a coherent point of view to save their life. They’re are seriously the problem with America today. Uninformed “activists” who seem to ignore all rational discourse and take every paranoid conspiracy theory and faulty argument as gospel truth. On top of that, the this podcast is just plain boring, poorly produced and amateurish. If you like intelligent political talk, then you’d be far better served listening to podcasts like KickAss Politics, Dan Carlin, The Weekly Standard or even Glenn Beck.
This is a group of off the reservation tin foil hat wearing, Pro Palestine, Anti Government, Anti Vaccine wack jobs. They actually make Alex Jones look educated and sane.
I listened to 15 minutes of this show and heard nothing more than embedded marketing of products. I will never get my 15 minutes back.
If everyone listened, our world would be a better place.
Great show
Simply Brilliant! If every American and non-American alike listened to this show/podcast just think how strong and free this country and the world would be? Thank you for your service to preserving Freedom and Health Freedom Joyce! Joyce Riley is an Epic Host!
Thanx for standing up and telling it like it is or atleast not being afraid to question things to try and get to the truth
Great show!!!
This show has it all. Joyce is awesome.