Reviews For Nintendo Pulse – Nintendo Switch and 3DS News

I've been listening to the Nintendo Pulse podcast since I got my Switch in November and have enjoyed every episode so far. Lloyd and Stephen have great conversations and discuss various topics including Nintendo news, video game releases, what they are playing, and video game reviews. Not to mention they love my favorite game of 2017 as well, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (still going strong, Level 81). I've since gone back and listened to episodes from 2013/14 since I love my 3ds as well. I'll continue to support through patreon/twitch and hope the podcast continues for years to come. Thanks for the great content!
I thouroughly enjoy listening to your podcast. Your comments are always intelligent, informative, and well thought out. Your podcast is THE place to go to get the best and most up to date Nintendo news. How many hours a day to you guys play games?? Also, it's always a pleasure to listen to Canadian voices. I love your accents and calm, professional voices!
Dis is da dankest podcast ever created. U all need dank sunglasses to make it betta. You make memes look not dank
Wonderful podcast by two knowledgable hosts. Great news coverage and I enjoy their insights and opinions. Occasionally they record a Retro Pulse episode which is a lot of fun, especially for those of us who grew up with those games. I love the family friendly nature of the show so I can listen to it with my son around. I listen to several podcasts weekly and can't get around to them all, but this one is a must listen. My ONLY concern is Lloyd is a Jets fan rather than a Rangers fan ;) Regardless, the show deserves the 5 stars.
This podcast is amazing! Great people, great community!
I’ve enjoyed the host on some other podcasts. This one is pretty well done and one of 3 gaming podcasts I consistently listen to. I enjoy the news and reviews and the cohost is excellent. I appreciate that they consistently produce podcasts not leaving listeners guessing when the next show might be released. My only critique is that Lloyd uses the term “uh”a lot as filler. It generally doesn’t bother me but if I’m paying attention to it I notice it a lot. Keep up the good work.
Honestly I used to love this show. It USED to be a great show with lots of great news and information. Now, at least for the last several episodes, it's spiraled into nearly half of the show spent with the hosts begging listeners to throw money at their Patreon. At least 20 minutes is dedicated to this at the beginning, and another 20 at the end. Throw in another 15 minutes of the host actively narrating every little technical hiccup (something audio listeners would be almost completely unaware of if he wasn't constantly pointing it out), and the show has become almost completely unlistenable. Going to give it another couple episodes, but I really think it might be time to move on.
I’ve listened to Lloyd’s podcasts since 2007 and I’ve loved every single one. For this one, the podcast is very professional and structured. It’s awesome! They do stray occasionally from Nintendo topics, but not too often that it becomes annoying. If you love Nintendo podcasts, this one you will surely love. By Corbin K
Great Nintendo podcast with amazing hosts and nice community.
This podcast is teriffic! The guys give you the news, information, and what games they are playing. They got lots humor and great chemistry which makes it a joy to listen to. Keep up the great podcasting!
They really have their act together and put on an enjoyable show for all.
As a long time videogames/Nintendo fan I know well enough that there are plenty of podcasts that discuss all things Nintendo. Downloading the lastest epsidoe on my way to work is a highlight in my adult daily routine. Hosts Lloyd and stephen off their take in insightful and fun way for any listener. I hope to at some point be ableto tune in for their live streams of the show on Twitch. I suppose full disclosure I do suport them on patreon, but its not like I get anything if you listen. Just the satisfaction on knowing more people are enjoying a great podcast.
I'm actually a Nintendo retail representative and love this podcast. The podcast helps keep the latest Nintendo news fresh on my mind which helps with my daily store calls! Loyd and Steven give two great and sometimes differing opinions. Also helps with the drives to and from stores! Thanks and keep it up!
This show is very professional, flows very well and they are always on top of what's going on with all things Nintendo
Writing this review on a friends phone because I don't have an iPhone. I listen on my android. Anyway, if your a Nintendo fan, this is the podcast for you. They also have beautiful voices. Thanks for all the hard work guys.
Hey guys, I'm a landscaper so I listen to you guys almost everyday, keep up the good work! I have a question: What game would you guys like to see on switch realistically? I personally want castle crashers! I miss that game from Xbox 360 arcade, it was so fun and had great replay ability. Thanks!
These guys bring an upbeat attitude to everything they do, even if they don't care for the content they are covering. Very refreshing, and very informative. Nice job guys!
Really enjoy listening to this podcast and I'm not even a casual gamer. One of only a few out there worth subscribing too! I also enjoy your retro video game podcast! Keep up the great work and looking forward to more!
Lloyd and Stephen are great hosts. The production and audio quality sounds good and the discussions are focused. I also like that you can watch the show on YouTube. I place this podcast amongst the ranks of other great shows like Nintendo Voice Chat and Retronauts. They have a high standard for detailed yet relatively concise discussions. I just want the news and these guys deliver. Keep it up boys!
I'm korkidog, from the VG Podcast forums, and, being an older gamer of 60, I enjoy listening to a podcast that isn't solely geared towards younger listeners. They talk retro gaming as well as current. Lloyd and Steven have all the latest on Nintendo Switch and 3DS news/game releases. Of course they also are well-informed on games that aren't available in North America. Games they've been playing are given a fair opinion, whether good or bad. This podcast is well worth your time if you're a Nintendo fan! Keep up the great work guys!
I'm a sophomore in high school and a huge Nintendo fan. These guys give a honest review of the latest games and are my source of Nintendo news. I listen to this show when I mow my lawn. Thank you Nintendo pulse.
This podcast has become a great avenue to really delve into my Nintendo obsession while I'm at work. Really improves my mood!
Just wanted to reach out to write a review. The number 1 reason I dig this podcast is because I feel like other podcasts such as IGN or Game Informer, not to knock those but sometimes you feel like they are getting paid to review certain games in a certain way. This fella's tell it like it is and they don't have some giant corporation behind them. The other reason is because I don't have a lot of time during the week to keep up on Nintendo news and these guys fill me in week after week on what I might be missing. Overall great family, friendly podcast on all things Nintendo. Would highly reccomend this podcast to anyone. Love listening to them in the car in traffic. PS. Thanks for the info on the compendium for NES. I am loving it and would never of heard of it. That was my first Nintendo Pulse episode and I have been hooked every since. Thanks and keep up the good work!
I stumbled across this podcast in my search for "Nintendo News" in the Overcast app. I've been listening for the past month and I really think it's great. Told my friends about it recently so hopefully they'll give it a listen to. Keep up the great work, guys!
I am a high school teacher who has an hour and a half round-trip commute to work. Desperate for engaging entertainment with a focus on Nintendo, I randomly came across this podcast after an iTunes search about two years ago. Lloyd and Steven are very professional. The show has great production value on top of being informative on current news in the world of Nintendo. Thank you guys for helping make my commute a needed respite!
Initially I did not like their pacing and vocal delivery, but then I started listening to these guys again after I started experimenting with the playback speeds. The 1.5x times button makes their intro song a lot cooler.
Great show guys! You can never have to many podcasts (actually not true) and this is a great addition to the line up. Audio quality is good and so is content. Keep it up guys
I bought my Nintendo Switch a few weeks ago and love it. I am so happy I found this podcast with such insightful and positive discussion about games and systems. That's not to say that they won't be critical when need be, but they are not overly critical and don't dwell on the negative. I usually listen on Stitcher, but had to come over to iTunes just to write this review! Thank you for being awesome. @jasonvivona on Twitter
First found out about Lloyd from inside lego dimensions, very informative and helpful reviews if you are ever on the fence about something! Seriously if you haven't already give these guys a listen!
Because of these two guys all my money goes to Nintendo and I need to build an extra room for all my purchases. Been listing since DS LIFE and WiiSpot, the Edgar years. Lloyd and Stephen are very informative and entertaining.
I've been listening to Lloyd H's shows for years now, he's a great host and consistently produces fantastic shows with in-depth dialogue about new games and systems. It's not a pure fanboy show and has honest criticism, while still retaining great enthusasim for the goods. I had to stop listening to other shows because of the apathetic attitudes, but have stayed with this one for the long haul. - Brandon H, Seattle
These guys are chill, straight forward, and easy to listen to. I love hearing about their various adventures and game purchases. They definitely help me decide what to buy.
Lloyd and Steven offer an excellent source of all things Nintendo. You should not miss their show. It is also very family friendly, so listen with your kids. Thanks guys!
I blame these guys for me owning a Switch (which I had to hunt down over the course of a few weeks). They offer interesting views on many of the games coming out, and don't come across as blinded fanboys. I don't always agree with their thoughts on the games, but I understand their viewpoints because they do a good job of explaining their reasoning. Definitely a highlight listening to the podcast each week.
I went digging for Nintendo podcasts last year with news of the NX and Zelda coming with E3 last year. I now look forward to each week for a conversation about what games are out and how they are. The currently news in the world of Nintendo and what to look forward to from two huge Nintendo fans. They have a clean and entertaining podcast that's work and family safe. Great to have some casual conversations about my favorite game company.
Long time listener since the early days and this podcast has always kept me coming back for more! The hosts do a great job of covering all the latest news you might have missed and their passion really comes through. Unlike other podcasts they stay on topic for the most part and I always pick up tidbits I wouldn't have gotten otherwise. Just proof that Nintendo fans are some of the nicest folks out there :-)
Lloyd and Stephen bring a lot to the table and the banter is great between them. Their passion for Nintendo is unmistakable and they both provide unique and insightful commentary on everything Nintendo. Grab a glass of fine whiskey or an nes controller, kick back and relax.
These guys sit around and talk Nintendo News in such a casual way, but there is structure that makes it a nice listen. The host and cohost take a laid back approach but it makes for a good listen. Give it more than one listen, you will get hooked!
Really good. The host has a really good radio voice that is enjoyable to listen to. I listen to a few Nintendo Podcast and this is one of them. A definite must to check out.
Quit with the boring banter. It takes waaay too long to get to the actual conversation about Nintendo. Host's voice is very boring/dorky.
the show is produced well, and both do a good job as hosts. however, they totally lose me when they spend the entire podcast doing nothing but ripping nintendo apart saying how awful just about everything nintendo is. oh...except the games of course.... gets old fast.
Lloyd and Stephen are both entertaining and informative. I listen to this podcast the minute it comes on my feed. Keep up the great work guys!!!
Been listening for about a year and I really enjoy the podcast although I wish the episodes would come more often. Right now it feels like new episodes come once or twice every month. Both Lloyd and Steven are cool dudes but wish I had more.


By Grgcuy
A podcast that is well structured from begining to end. Llyod keeps it fresh and entertaining in a way where him being a parent, I can relate to his insight. Keep up the great work as I listen to NP at every new release. Thx Nintendo Pulse crew...
I recently found this podcast and was so excited because it was really great. Definitely one of the best if not THE best Nintendo podcast around. Sadly the latest episode mentions a new bi-weekly schedule. Apparently "bi-weekly" means "whenever we feel like it… maybe so, maybe not" to the host(s) since we haven't seen a new episode in well over a month now. Tried reaching out on Twitter but was ignored twice so I guess I'll give up. BUMMER!
This is a great podcast, the hosts know their information very well. They are funny and I enjoy listening to them. Keep up the good work!
I throughly enjoy this podcast. I am so glad that Llyod decided to mash the DS:Life and WiiSpot podcasts together; you now get Nintendo news in one nice package. Their reviews are always informative and well thought out. I really get a lot out of any lengthy discussions they have. They don't always agree, either so their arguments are wonderful as well. Besides great Nintendo information, most, if not all, of the epsidoes are sprinkled--sometimes doused--in humor. They are really funny and it's always entertaining to listen to them. I can think of two possible negatives. One is that they can be sporadic in posting; sometimes it's every week and sometimes a month goes by and nothing is posted. But, for the most part, they aren't too far apart. Besides, I don't always have time to listen to all my podcasts, so it can be a good thing. Second is that they do tend to go off on tangents sometimes. Those can be pretty lengthy as well. Personally, I don't mind them really. Usually, whatever they go off talking about interests me as well. But, just be warned they won't always stay on NIntendo topics, but still do not fear, for more times than not, they do. Overall, this is a great podcast! I can't recommend it enough.