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Good encouragement to be the husband and father that God wants you to be.
They seem like really nice men but I can not relate to them. It is funny how we can live in the same country but have completely different lives and completely different views on life.
This show is a weekly boost to my Dad morale. Great ministry! He's also a great speaker to see live if you ever get the chance.
This is a great weekly encouragement. Todd Wilson and cohost Scott Moore are fun to listen to, and always have a relevant and thought provoking message for dads. I highly recommend this program. And three years after writing my first review I still love this program. A wonderful encouragement for dads everywhere!
I'm consistently impressed by the life that Todd leads and the inspiration that I find from not only this podcast but also the ministry that this family provides! Thanks Wilsons!
Best podcast on the Internet. Todd is the real deal. If you're raising a family, you should give him a listen.
I have been getting emails from The FamilyMan for several months and got a chance to attend a speaking event he did in Chattanooga. Really inspiring speaker. I have since downloaded the podcasts and can’t say enough about them. If you want to be a better dad and husband this is an outstanding resource. Thank you for your ministry Todd.
Todd and his “sidekick” Scott do a great job speaking honestly about the challenges and joys of being a dad and husband. The good and ugly are both addressed frankly, and with humor. Listen and be encouraged! (And laugh along with the rest of us dads!)
Thanks Todd for an encouraging Toddcast that keeps reminding us of the important things!
Todd: I'm a homeschool Dad in NYC and I want to thank you for encouraging us here in the Big City through your podcast.
Finally, an encouraging podcast for men! My husband enjoys it very much and we hear snippets all the time. Thanks.


By Gdorp
Finally there is a relevant podcast for dads! Thanks Todd for all you do and keep up the great work!!
What a great PodCast ! ! ! Todd and Scott, you really are doing a great ministry. Thanks for being there to encourage us dads to be better; fathers, husbands and men of God.
Fantastic simple encouragement!
Todd has really hit a homerun with the new format for the show! Insightful, informative, and fun - this podcast was loaded with helpful advice and encouragement for all of us as husbands and fathers. This show, the website, and the email newsletters have made a huge impact on me! I'm Da Dad!!! Thanks for the great resource!
I listen to many podcasts during the work day, and I've yet to write a review until now. Todd Wilson encourages dads with wit and a message most can relate to! Keep up the good work!
Thank you (and your family) for your ministry!
Plain speaking. Biblical values. Straight talk to/for fathers. Todd shares his thoroughly universal perspective on what it means to be a real father in the real world. You can't help but be moved to be a better father and husband.