Reviews For Sex and Other Human Activities

I miss you guys so much. I listen to other stuff you're both on but it isn't the same ☹️
I have cried, laughed and screamed along with this podcast. Even if only for one episode, please come back. We love you so much!
Are you guys ever coming back? Would it be weird if I beg?? Haha but fa reals - please come back!
this show has helped me so much. please come back!!!!
Marcus, please bring this show back. People need you.
Jackie and Marcus deal with heavy topics from listeners and their own personal life. They offer great life advice. Love this podcast!
Please start this up again?
Jackie is one of my favorite people. Marcus is awesome too. Both of them have things about them that are so relatable. They are honest, brutally when necessary, which is hard to find these days. It’s so good to know that I’m not alone in my mental health struggle. Please keep making episodes!! ❤️
I discovered this podcast through listening to Last Podcast on the Left. I found myself feeling more and more curious about the other shows on Cave Comedy Radio and working in the mental health field, this one obviously caught my ear. I absolutely love the honesty on this podcast. It’s so important for us to speak candidly about our overwhelming thoughts and emotions. Marcus and Jackie do a superb job at being honest about their struggles with life that anyone who listens will benefit from their words.
There’s no point in would, coulda, shoulda! Great show! Thank you for being so open about your lives. It is refreshing and a public service. As far as meds and having mental illness, I’m just grateful that there are better treatment options than ever. And that very high functioning people like you both are beyond coping you’re both mastering your lives! That’s not to say you won’t encounter bad times again or maybe crazy busy times but when you come back to the show, this devoted listener will be there patiently waiting for your words of wisdom direct from your beautiful, fragile hearts. Take good care always!
Your openness has helped me so much and find solace in my struggles. Thank you for your work and dedication! Hope you feel good enough to come back soon ❤️
I love Jackie and Marcus already but listening to them talk about their problems is a beautiful thing to hear and I really need to hear it.
Big fan of last podcast network but I sure do miss this one.. was very helpful.


By Lizz'M
I listened to 5 minutes of this and had to turn it off. The lady’s voice was so obnoxious!
I enjoy the conversations between Jackie and Marcus. They’re sincere, candid, and flow really well. It feels like friends catching up and before you know it we’re into the topic.


The hosts try way too hard to be crazy and kooky! I wish they would cut out the schtick and speak in normal voices like adults. Not every sentence needs to be a punch line. They sound like every other podcast trying to be funny millennial.
Great podcast


By eggab
......henry zebrowski sent me hail satan
Their openeness about mental health and relationships is so refreshing. Its like therapy- it has helped me realize I am not alone in some of the issues I face regarding depression, anxiety, romance, and relationships in general. Marcus and Jackie are relatable and so funny to boot.


Love it
Listening to SAOHA is like opening a bottle of wine with two friends and getting into some "real talk" about your own feelings, health, insights, and plans for the future - with some legit giggles in between. Marcus and Jackie give solid advice, have good report with each other, AND are funny. I definitely wish they'd come out with new episodes more often!
I love the advice and the jokes!
Revision review.


By Cbb792
Love love love this podcast!!!
I love this because it helps make me feel a little more normal with my day to day struggles
What more can be said?? I greatly appreciate the up-front and honest perspective the hosts have to offer. Thank you to the hosts for addressing "adult" issues in a way that adults actually think. It feel like I'm talking (well, listening) with old friends!
I feel better when I listen to this podcast.
These guys open up and make issues that we all deal with "normal". We're all in this world together and I've learned a lot about how to open up, and accept everyone as they are. Thank you!


By Ajs333
Great podcast very real!
Honest, funny, raw. Jackie and Marcus have an amazing friendship which makes for an amazing show. I really enjoy how candid and honest they both are. Great podcast!!
Just started listening this week- I heard of it from last podcast on the left and I love it! Jackie and Marcus make a great team, and I really appreciate their "real talk" about stuff.
This show is the ultimate in love and mental health advice. Just what the doctor ordered every time!
Honestly nothing beats one on one Jackie and Marcus. They've been great help and really made me comfortable in dealing with my own mental health issues.
thank you guys for opening up and helping others. you have no idea how much this podcast has meant to me.
Marcus and Jackie are like the best therapists
So helpful. I love this podcast
Amazing. Two humans being human and talking about people stuff. It's awesome (and rare!) to hear people just giving honest opinions without claiming to be gurus or self-help-y or whatever. Y'all are funny, but more than that, y'all are real. Thanks for that!
I am able to get something out of every episode, even when the advice doesn't directly apply to my life. It puts me in a very reflective mood. Marcus: you are a treasure, keep doing what you do.