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Superb Storyline After a hectic few minutes as the introduction to the story unfolds you soon become entwined as the story unfolds Excellent acting and very well written Thank you.
It’s rare there is an episode that doesn’t have sodomites, lesbians, racism, climate change or so called “refugees”. Used to be great with stories that reflected the vast amount of society. I’m done. Last weeks Hotel was excellent- but a rarity with BBC.
I've tried to sync my iPhone with my MacBook to get my saved episodes. For a couple of days I was happy I got my favorite episodes back. All 148 of them. This evening, I'm alarmed to see that they've all disappeared again leaving me just 9 episodes! How come POD Bedroom and POD living room didn't go? I've had that since 2017 and it's still there! Can you please settle your rift with Apple please? And yeah, reviews from 9yrs ago are still here!
This was one of my favourite podcasts but overtime the inconsistency or complete lack of providing subsequent episodes of multipart series is off putting. Should not provide dramas that are made up of several parts if not willing to provide all episodes on the podcast app
I had saved several dozen episodes to listen to a second time and they have all disappeared from my podcast list. They are all unavailable to re-download. I’m disappointed that BBC and Apple can delete files arbitrarily from the podcast app.
Very entertaining
I can not put my excitement and longing for the episodes of this podcast into words.l appreciate the efforts BBC Drama staff puts in to keep this fantastic podcast going.
Enjoying every minute. Top notch production quality, professional voice acting and sound stage background create an immersion experience difficult to find in pod form. This will go to the top of my subscription list.
Makes my day every week. Thank goodness for BBC
I had to turn this off before the end. Almost a caricature of life in the war and so silly. Waste of time.
I really look forward to new episodes of this podcast! Even though I don’t enjoy all genres represented, I’ve really liked almost all of the dramas I’ve listened to. They are all well produced with great voice actors. I just wish they were posted more frequently. :)
Loved dramatization of “Das Kapital”. Going to listen again. Great radio!
I love these drama shows==wish there were more!!
I would say this is the best radio show I ever listen to. Drama is great, drama by BBC is extraordinary. It’s the only program that you can hear the “picture”.
Look forward to every Friday. Very enjoyable wish there was more then just once a week.
Fairy Tale of New Malden lightened my morning. Thanks!
Well-written radio dramas with consistently great acting; I find some of the stories aren’t as well written as others, but wait long enough and you’ll have a couple of *amazing* MP3s on your hands.
Great to listen and would be glad to have access to archive!
6 ****** if I could
What a well-made podcast! Very high quality show in every way.
I have only one nit to pick -- I don't like being required to resubscribe every few weeks or so. The main reason why I'm not happy about this is because when my subscription mysteriously vanishes, I don't always realize it right away -- and then I end up missing out on what sounds like an interesting story because all the episodes which were listed before are no longer accessible.
All the episodes are great. Please make the past episodes available again, so look forward to listening to the ones I haven't heard before.
I listen to a lot of audio entertainment; I do old time radio shows, new podcast productions, and audiobooks. This series is always good. The stories and performances keep me engaged, and I enjoy the sound effects and music used, too.
I concur with the rest! Please make past episodes available. This was beautifully done. Thank you!
I agree. Please make past episodes available to download
Please make past episodes available!!
I love this podcast. Very well done. I just wish past episodes were available.
Beautiful, fast-moving dialogue that makes you stay with the characters no matter where they go. The cast, direction, and production was superb!
Love this story. But what does it mean?
A story told through phone messages and conversation. Very clever device and a great story to boot.
First time I've listened to a play on a podcast. Fantastic production, very well written and acted. Can't wait for next week's drama. The ending will stay with me for days.
Always rivetting. These stay on my mind for days. Always written and acted brilliantly.
To the beeb You provide the most eclectic mix of programs in the world that stimulate, entertain and educate. Thank you.
I am glad it's Friday tomorrow, I can hardly wait for the next play. Thanks from an ex-pat in San Diego, California.


By Mqbkpfg
Superb plays and production.


By Jktczh
Very nice plays!