River Valley Church (Audio)

Reviews For River Valley Church (Audio)

I used to be an athiest, had I known then that places like this existed it probably wouldn't have taken me so long to realize what I was missing. The sermons are spot on. The people are amazing - loving, genuine, accepting. My family and I are growing so much in our faith. The presence of God is mighty on the leadership and you can just feel something amazing in this place. I thank God for RVC and everyone I've met there. They are life giving, love giving, life changing!
Been going to RVC for 9 years. It keeps getting better. Pastor Rob's messages are simple yet always challenging and applicable. I've changed in so many great ways because of this man's words! Stop by for great worship too! :)
Dynamic, solid preaching in which anyone can apply & relate the Word of God to their everyday lives! These messages will point you to the cross and the throan of God in turn changing your life forever.
Ron Ketterling teaches with wisdom and relevance in a way that inspires me to be a better man of God. Mark Arens