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By Lttt9
Really liked tfa which lead me to this podcast. Overall was pretty good. Trouble staying on topic at first but got better.
Have to say that there is little out there that escapes GCRN's scrutiny. And it was no surprise that they decided to follow up with a Transformers Animated Podcast considering they covered every other Western incarnation of Transformers worth talking about. It really comes from the point of view of a G1 fan looking at this new series, but I have to say they are pretty open minded and just don't trash the series like many of the old school TF fans do. They certainly don't just comment "that's not how it's supposed to be" or "that's not how it was..." So overall they are pretty objective and fun to listen to. You can expect an un-filtered converstion from the crew and are great at pointing out all the references to previous series that a G1 fan would enjoy. Though I used the word "conversation" they do have organized topic points that they adhere to covering different aspects of the episodes they are talking about in thier analysis of the episode. And once again if they don't like something they will say it, but don't focus on the negative too much. They also do take into account that the show is written with G1 fans in mind but also has to compromise for the children viewers. For me this is a fun podcast to listen to, I get a few laughs and get a few "ah ha!" moments when they mention some of the references that I missed. And I think (if your like me) you'll get to the point with the podcast that you'll wish you were part of the conversation and analysis which is really a compliment to TFG1Mike and the rest of the cast. Go check these guys out, thier great. Have to recommend you subscribe!
The latest in the GCRN line of transformers show reviews, this is a well-made and enjoyable podcast. Join the nerdy hosts as they dissect this fan-favorite cartoon network interpretation of the robots in disguise. If you're reading this far, stop, download the podcast and see what YOU think!