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After my last go-to Pokemon podcast ended, I wanted a new one. I happened upon this one and, while it could stand to improve, it is still entertaining and funny. The core cast isn't always on topic and while I won't name names, I will say that random outbursts aren't always funny. Indeed, they can be rather distracting. Even so, they tell the news and give general Pokemon information with lots of snark and humor. They even gave made me curious about the anime series after many years. Keep doing what you do best, guys, and please work on those unnessecary outbursts.
I have to great with a ot of people on this the show great love it. the guys are cool. but i could do without slippfy. doesnt do much for the show in my opioin but keep going guys way to go
It's a Pokemon podcast. And it's great. Enough said.
It's a good podcast.
Who knew there existed a Pokemon centered podcast that has completely nothing to do with Pokemon. While the first couple of episodes are very Pokemon centric and enjoyalbe, it seems like these podcasters have run out of steam. They spend more time trying to figure out what happened to the cast of Boy Meets World than they do re-capping the newest Pokemon episode from Japan. The comedy falls flat for me as well, but perhaps I do not get jokes drenched in video game humor. This podcast is not for me and I could not reccommend it to other Pokemon fans out there. Which saddens me since there is a huge lack of Pokemon podcasts that update consistently out there. I'd say give it a try, but don't expect it to be all Pokemon all the time with Bouncing Wailord.
It's a fantastic podcast. Even their idle banter makes me laugh. When they recap the episodes, I don't get bored, though I haven't watched the anime since the Indigo League. xD
Great podcast. It's most big benefit is that an episode is released on a regular basis and not randomly. Also it is funny and clever ,and touches very interesting subjects.
The live stream is always better, and this show is run so much better than "It's Super Effective". The humor is great and everyone on the show has something to contribute.


By soli19
I acutally enjoy this show most of the time. I think I may have given it a star or two more if I wasn't so annoyed with Spiffy. Sometimes she's more annoying then "fun." Other than that I think the formatting is fun and I always look forward to new episodes.
This is an beast podcast!!!!!!!!!!!
If you love pokemon and are generally nerdy you will love this podcast.
This podcast is amazing and after listening to both this and It's Super Effective, it's easy to tell that this one is way better
There are a lot of jokes in this podcast, it keeps the listener entertained. I don't care much for the swearing, but overall it's a good podcast. I like that you guys talk about the anime and have frequent guests. Please check out my podcast Pokemon palpitoad and give me a review. Good luck with your podcast.
The podcast is alright, good sound quality and great hosts. The main thing I do not care for in the podcast is the outro music: annoying, overly loud with the volume turned down.
Pretty good, but could use some bulbasaurs( for everybody wondering what i'm talking about, listen to It's super effective )
Great work Maybe a bit more organization Otherwise great pokemon cast
Wooten woot great show keep it on the sunny side oy mate tango down
Man this show is hilarious and helpful at the same time, keep up the good work
Fun show. Really helps pass the time at work. Seems to get better with each podcast. I look forward to future Episodes. Keep up the good work!
This show could be so much better if the sound quality would improve (mostly w/"spiffy"). I find the main host's volume to be fine, Square is too quiet, and spiffy is squeaky. It could be a great show overall if these problems were fixed.
Pretty great show. Good sound quality and good content
I don't like spiffy. Every time he says something I wish he didn't exist.
This is a good Pokemon podcast but it lacks Pokemon content at times. This podcast has so much potential. I just started to listen and I will keep on just to see were this podcast will go.