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Just found out about this podcast in 2017!! Love the podcast and I have only listened to the first few, thanks for the great content, I have learned so much already.
I have listened to a lot of podcasts...even hosted one. This podcast is awesome. Every single episode is applicable to my cylcing journey as well as, as the tag line states, makes me a better cyclist. If you are new to riding or a seasoned veteran, you will enjoy this podcast. I will caution you...get ready to binge. Thanks to Cycling 360 for bringing enjoyment into my cycling and to my life.
The content is great and very informative! I like the chemistry of the hosts. Keep up the good work and thanks for keeping the topics fresh!
I have learned a lot from listening and it has helped me become a better rider.


Just unsubscribed. The last "caring for your bicycle" podcast was a new low. They seemed to be just making things up, including some particularly bad advice. There are better cycling podcasts out there. Not worth your time.
I don't care much about racing coverage, which is what most of the cycling podcasts I have come across are about. This is exactly what I was looking for, tips and discussions to help me become a better cyclist.
I don't care if you ride 100 miles a year or 5,000 - this podcast will help you to be motivated, have more fun, and be a better cyclist. It's a great mix of information, inspiration, and humor. I look forward to the new shows every Friday. Thanks Victor and Darryl!


I have been listening to these guys for awhile and always enjoy the talk!
Listen to the tips in this podcast and you will become a better cyclist.
I’ve been listening to this podcast for a few years and this podcast has given me so much useful information. Thanks so much for sharing all your experience!
Awesome basic stuff
I have my own cycling blog and this is a great podcast. One of the things that I look for in cycling media is relevant and consistent content. Cycling 360 has great short topics to keep me thinking about the bike and longer in depth pieces that are designed to provide more knowledge about cycling in general. I work primarily with people who are new to cycling. Cycling 360 had some great content to give new cyclinst the confidence to be independent and go out for those longer rides. This gives people the ability to go for a longer ride and being prepared for whtever the road may bring. Great content for the novice to the CAT3 crit racer.
I'm a beginner cyclist and I have learned a tremendous amount from listening to this podcast. Many thanks to Victor and Darryl for taking the time to pass on their knowledge!
I began cycling 3 years ago to supplement my running. Unsurprisingly, I got hooked on cycling. I wanted to learn about the things I was too embarrassed to ask. I have gotten so much information out of the podcasts! Also, the balance episode was the best since I started listening; it helped me so much. Thanks dudes Cameron P. Tuscaloosa, AL
Victor & Darryl can help anyone learn to be a better cyclist. Rather than show off their knowledge, they are very, very good at breaking down the information so that “the rest of us” can understand and improve. I love going through the archive “quick tip episodes” and picking the stuff that I wish I had learned years ago!
Relativity new to road cycling. Have been a mountain hack for years. Been listing during the commute. This as made me a better cyclist. Thanks guys. The tips and information has definitely save me $$$ from cheaping out on items or over spending on what I don't kneed at my level. Being A nube feel like I have better form from the tips on what to pay attention to than if I was not listening. Cadence!!! Thanks and keep up the cast
Great information. My wife and I have been going to a gym to work just those muscles you discussed. We have found the staff at the gym to be right on with helping us to not only strengthen but as we work them, they seem to become much more flexible. Wish we could hear more advice about this subject. Anything to get our core where it should be. Great professional cycling advice on and off the bike.
Words can barely capture how good the Cycling 360 podcast is but the improvement in my cycling really does say it all. I have learned so much about riding, the bike, the cycling body, the cycling mind that I’m simply blown away!
I'm a very new cyclist, and this podcast has helped me learn the basics. It also gets me pumped for my next ride! The hosts are entertaining and informative.

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I've just got back into cycling after 35 years. Listening to this podcast has helped me learn about cycling and be motivated to keep riding and getting better.
I'm in my second season of cycling and these podcasts have really helped me take my cycling tithe next level. Thanks
I just found this podcast and love it!! I'm new to road cycling (only used mt bikes before) and the information in the podcast is invaluable to understanding road rules, bike care and maintenance, and general tips & tricks! While many road cyclists love speed, I'm quite frightened of steep grades. I would love to hear an installment about how to correctly/safely ride downhill, and how to ultimately get over my fear!
I am learning so much. Thanks, guys!
Regardless of what type of cycling you do, this is a great resource for help and tips.
I was avid cyclist for years about 20 years ago and at 63 I have moved to an area more condusive to cycling so I started again. While much of the material here is for new cyclists I find it good to hear basics that need refreshing in my brain. Great Material which covers a lots of area of cycling, including nutrition, stretching, technique, etc. So if you are a cyclist this is a great Podcast to which to listen.
I enjoy the information and also love the accents! The quick tips are awesome and i'm always learning something different. I do most of my listening while I'm traveling for work when I have the uninterrupted blocks of time to do so. Keep up the good work! As an aside, i've been riding my road bike (fuji roubaix) since I bought it back in 2005 and have racked up over 25,0000 miles on it! I'm a firm believer that spending a little more $$ for a good quality bike has given me years of freedom and learning from others on how to care for that investment will allow your other listeners to enjoy as many years on their bike as I have.
Recently started listening to this podcast and I love it. Great information for all levels. I listen to it during my commute, and it makes me look forward to slow traffic (more listening time). Thanks for the great podcast.
One of my favorite podcasts. I get useful information out of it every time and can't wait for the longer podcasts vs. the 8-minute ones. I love all the technical information and all the tips. Keep up the great work.
I've been riding skinny tires alongside cars for over 10 years and I just came across this series. Yes, we are all in different places on our cycling journey, but I find nuggets of gold in every podcast. The podcasts have taught me some things, confirmed some suspicions, and challenged some of my cycling beliefs. I recognize we can get locked into "group think" so I appreciate the insight and perspective of cyclists outside my community. It's all good, so keep it coming. Many thanks, Christine
Started listening last week so I have a lot of catching up to do. What I have listened to has been amazing from simple mechanical to physical and mental. Love the fact that I don't have to wait until next month for their show with the tidbits of useful information during the month. Fowlmood Lamar, CO
I am new to cycling and have found this the most informative and entertaining podcast. Such a great array of topics…..
Listening to you guys just make me want to ride‼️
I find this podcast fun to listen to and really informative with an easy going approach by Darryl and Victor. Thanks guys! keep up the good work
I’ve listened to a number of your podcasts. Some of it I already knew but understand the priority. A lot of good strategies to make me a better cyclists. I eagerly wait for each new podcast.
I am starting to take cycling more serious and I learned a lot from these podcasts. Keep up the good work guys.


Wow, just found you guys today. Listened to about 5 hours worth while I was working. Went on a 30 mile ride after work. Really great job guys, I trully enjoyed it, I'm a fan/follower for good. I enjoyed the tire/tube discussion! Also, the real life discussion about mental depression. I'm a gulf war vet with some of my own problems along those lines. Cycling has helped me a great deal with these issues. Keep up the good work. P.S. could you maybe talk about some things I could do to eliminate numb hands and fingers on long rides?
Just found this podcast and listened to 15 episodes today on a long drive. Very informative and good for beginners and or more advanced riders. Great job!
Hey, I decided to go back and listen to a few podcasts and really appreciate the highly technical discussions. I'm a self proclaimed bike nut, and have been learning bike mechanics on old bikes people give me. I work them over and give them away to people who need one and are down on their luck. I recently rebuilt an old schwinn 689 of my daughter when she outgrew it, and sold it. My next project is to upgrade an old Miyata 914 with STI shifters. Keep up the great work! You keep one of my favorite hobbies alive while I'm commuting to work. Take care, and ride safe!
Hey Guys, I just got into road cycling. I'm participating in my first group ride tomorrow, and thanks to your advise I'll hopefully be able to avoid a few rookie mistakes! I find your podcasts very helpful for both the advanced cyclist and for those like me who are just starting out. Please keep the content coming and stay safe. Matt- from Texas
I am currently training for a double ironman coming up in October . This podcast has made my LOOONG rides MUCH more enjoyable. The show is very down to earth and easy to understand know matter what level rider you are . Thanks for putting out the info that us "normal " ,non-elite riders can relate to !! Keep up the great work !!
Important topic on working through physicala nd mental ruts. Expressing them as part of normative human cycles is appreciatve. I have been helped by see life (even on the bike) as passing throught times of being 'oriented', at times feeling 'disorietned', and then later with good care 're-oriented.' I have also benefited from having a gifted, licensed therapist who bikes, and having periodic sessions while cycling. Thanks for tackling the issues. Daniel Seifert, Harrisonburg, VA
Awesome show! Great insights and varied content. I'd love to hear a show on power meters (which to purchase, how to implement into training, etc.).
I highly recommend this podcast if you are a cyclist at any level. (Ok, you need to be at least a little serious about the passion for cycling) Victor and Darryl give Great advise and a pleasure to listen to. It has become my favorite podcast. Keep it up guys, we are listening!
Daryl and Victor. I am a returning cyclist after 40 years away following an accident that got too much of my goat. In a push to ‘catch up’ I browsed audio podcasts and by chance liked your name/logo and started listening. You guys have been so on the money for me, lots of great practical useful things I need to hear and some really what I would term more cerebral or spiritual or head shows/topics such as the Scott Price show, the guy who cycled across the US show, the coming back from a bad accident show which was nail on the head for me. Just all excellent and some I have repeated. I’m pleased to say I’m presently training for a century ride for JDRF in Tucson this coming November. My recent surge has also affected my wife, a runner who wanted an alternative with running taking it’s toll on her body. She recently got a new bike and has signed up to join me on the Tucson ride. Okay I could go on but just huge applause and keep up the great work and keep me and all the others in the aural community inspired. So more power to your pedaling! Jim
I am just getting started in road cycling and I am really enjoying and learning a lot from this podcast. Although it is geared to road and triathlon cycling, the topics they cover do apply to all types of cycling and, in some cases, all types of exercise. The three podcasters clearly enjoy the topics and are informative as well as entertaining. Although it sounds as if they are in the same room, I do not believe any of them are even in the same state. Apart from some occasional sound issues, this is great podcast. One of my favorites. Don
Thanks for this great podcast. You are inspiring me to continue to ride and to look forward to ride no matter how I feel. Your tips are great. Please keep up the good work! Rich W
Every time I listen to your podcast I tell myself I’m going to rate it. Unfortunately I’m driving while I’m listening and by the time I get home, I forget. Well not today! I’ve been listening now for about a year since I got back into cycling. Your information is wonderful. I’ve learned so much. You have made my cycling a lot more enjoyable and efficient with your diverse topics and guests. Amazing how much one can retain when it makes sense. Thanks Darryl and Victor. Keep up the great work.
Every other cycling podcast seems geared towards pro cycling news. I'm not a pro, I will never be a pro, I don't even really care about the pro cycling world. I just want to be the best cyclist I can be, and this podcast delivers. Technique, nutrition, how-to, it's all here. Never boring, always informative, just wish I could go deeper into the back catalog. By the way Victor, Darryl is totally right, the recent tire episode is absolutely one of the best and most important that I've listened to. Keep 'em rolling!
This is, by far, THE BEST CYCLING PODCAST EVER! Thank you guys.