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I thought it was gonna be the books
I like HP so this is so amazing
I totally agree. I ❤️ HP ⚡️


Well i love the podcast and i am a big fan of harry potter. It needs to be longer!!!!!🙀
Great videos but it would be better if they could be like ten minutes or even 8 or 9.
Your podcast is... just a.. your podcast is good but you NEED longer episodes dude! I am a little sister 😩and a big sister😫 so i NEEEEEDS you to make your episodes longer so I can escape from the moment of being a big sis an a lil sis plz help by making your podcast episodes so much longer!!!☹️🙏🏼 😱<plz plz plz) |_ 0\/£, 0|_ 1 \/ £ ———————————(Olive)!!! ————————
Cool to see the cast. Nothing recent and nothing overly secret. Still not bad though to pass some time.
Can anyone tell me if this podcast is appropriate for a 9 year old?
I have read the series several times, I read other books, too, while re-reading the HP's, and this last movie was such a let down, I don't think the director read the books.
Harry Potter Superfan Right Here!
who the heck is the first guy who sits down? he is next to Fred. i cant figure it out. Who is he??


10 points to Gryffindor. :D
I really enjoyed it!! it was so much fun to get to see the other actors even though i missed rupert, emma, and daniel.. the apple store event manager questions were kindof horrible but either way I was just happy to see more harry potter♥ oh and it waas free!!
The extended scenes from Sorcerer's Stone were very good, but I see why they cut them out of the final movie. I like being able to see characters like Draco, Tonks and Scabior since usually Ron, Harry, and Hermione get all the credit. The information about the dementors and locket was very well made but they said nothing about Regulus Black getting killed after he switched the lockets.
This was everything I was hoping it would be:) Thank you!!
its just amazing and it will entertain for many generations to come. i bet it was fun filming and i remember when they were all 10 years old and were just getting to know each other.
anything that is free and to do with harry potter is bound to be great :)


By Anamer
Very intersting podcasts and it's free! Love the interview. I love Harry Potter!
It is an ok podcast but Mugglecast, another HP podcast, is better they go into more depth and are funnier. :)
I'm a HUGE Harry Potter fan and I thought it was really interesting to see what Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) had to say about how HP affected him. It's worth downloading. It's free anyways.
AHHHHH! HARRY POTTER! <3 <3 I love Harry Potter with all of my heart mind and soul and I am so sad that it's ending. This videos are pretty cool too so....yeah. LETS GO GRYFFNDOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The guy running the show at the Apple Store Event was simply dreadful. Asking bad questions, factually wrong questions, and pretty much bombing out as the host. Luckily the cast members there worked through it and gave much better answers than he would have gotten without the crowd in the room. Audience questions were just as bad, except for the cute little girl at the end.
You could be doing more productive things, I mean, you'd have to obsessed with HP to get these, but at least they're free ;).


By Em2832
I luv harry potter so I liked the prod-casts lol :D "stupefy" lol
It was fun to see the wide range of actors for once, rather than just the trio. It kept it interesting instead of redundant. The interviewer was weird and had no idea what he was talking about, though. And the woman who plays Tonks needs to sit up straight and KEEP HER LEGS SHUT! She had a skirt on, but it was like she didn't even know there were cameras in her. I love Harry Potter, but come on - keep it classy.
The interview with the cast was great! The questions were not well thought out, but the actors were so entertaining! Now when we are drawing to the end of the film series, it is nice to have little things like these to keep the Harry Potter magic alive and new!
I get what people are saying about not getting to see the golden trio, however it is nice to see people stop making such a fuss over just those three and recognizing the talents of the entire cast and crew. I think it's nice that they take a step back and let others have the spotlight for a bit.
Not quite what I expected
It's a really good behind scenes look at the world of Harry Potter. I would reccomend it for all serious fans. FYI Emma, Daniel, and Rupert are not in it which is why I gave it four stars.
Like this if you think the interviewer has never seen "Harry Potter"
Its what i was hoping for. A nice free podcast about Harry Potter. with many different topics and questions, along with answers about the saga.
Pretty cool.wish i was there


dont bother
It was the beast
First off it was an interveiw i thought is was more of A TRAILER by wb