Cardboard of the Rings

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I have enjoyed this podcast from the beginning. I don't get to play the game that often so I appreciate having this podcast to keep up with the new cards.


By DundyO
These guys are fun and loaded with information. They are extremely knowledgeable about this LCG and their love for the game is infectious.
This a great group of different personalities. It's very entertaining. Two big thumbs up!


Kind of a let down. I have to wade through alot of chatter. Jared, the Australian, is the only one with solid deck building tips while the host seems to steer the overcrowded conversation as best he can.
I look forward to hearing this podcast each and every time they release a new episode. From the humor to the insights and opinions it's a great way to make my commute more enjoyable. Thanks CoTR!
Perfect lotr lcg podcast
I already feel a sense of familiarity with these hosts. I specially enjoy that they are so passionate about this wonderful game.
This podcast needs to be marked explicit. The humor and language is not family friendly. The hosts ramble and too frequently go on tangents. The podcast is much too long for what its trying to achieve. The hosts need to understand the rules and the cards they are reviewing much better. Most of their off the cuff observations about the game are just wrong.
After purchasing LotR:The Card Game I immediately searched out a podcast. To my surprise, I found one; 8 episodes in already. These guys know the game and they know the cards. Their chemistry as hosts works really well; both with a good sense of humor. The show's format flows well and they put time into the show. Good sound quality and well spoken. I caught up on every episode in 2 days because the show was so interesting. If you are a fan of the game and actively play, you'll love this podcast. -zombiemailman
This podcast is great so far. I'm interested to see how it continues to develop as more expansions are released. If you are interested in The Lord of the Rings The Card Game you owe it to yourself to listen.