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Great interviews and a better way to discover new places vs reading reviews. Seeing the food makes a difference where in reviews you can get people that are angry or biased.
I love watching all of the chefs from Miami talk behind the scenes with the host Lauren. it looks like they are having a blast making this show and make me want to visit those restaurants. Quality show that I could totally see become a TV based show some day! LOVE IT!
Love learning about new places. Thanks for doing this!


By Gam33
Please come soon
I ran across your website after visiting neMesis. I love the concept of interviewing aspiring, passionate chefs. I currently live in San Francisco, and I constantly find myself having the 'foodgasms' you guys mentioned in the video. You guys should def branch out to the West Coast! :)
I love this podcast! I found it a few months ago and have been a dedicated fan ever since. Looking forward to more episodes.
Happy to meet this personalities. Thanks.
What a great podcast! This is what the medium is all about. Well produced, great content. Keep it up!!!
Great production and I love that it is beyond a cooking show and getting to know the chefs behind the scene. Now if only you can bring it to New York!
Great podcast for those who love learning about the food industry!
I love this podcast's candid, casual, and laid back vibe. Get acquainted with the chow while the host taps into the personality of the people behind some of Miami's best flavors. All I want to know is: who's up next??? Keep 'em coming!!
Love finding new places to go!
Very informative, it inspires me to go to the restaurants now that I saw the owners and see how passionate they are about the foods that they cook and serve.
REally guys, please keep filming the show because I want to watch one every week!
For those of you that enjoy dining in the city of is a great way to engage and learn about the places that are most tasty :) A MUST SEE FOR ANY TOURIST!!
Love ChatChow! You get quick and dirty answers from these top chefs and restaurant owners. Awesome!
Great insights into the industry. Can we get a pastry chef in there??
Can't wait to see what's next.
But that's not fair because it's my baby ;) But seriously, let me know what you guys think. Appreciate the feedback!