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I heartily endorse this event or product.
The Savvy Observer is a comedy podcast that seems focused on basic civility. The hosts, Andy and Kate Langsdorf, cover subjects ranging from proper attire to make a good impression, basic etiquette, current events, politics, and theater, just to name a few. While sometimes serious conversations are had they are never overly serious about it and willing to give any topic a good ribbing. The podcast came out of Andy being encouraged by friends to maintain a witty political blog. With Kate supporting the idea that was indeed how The Savvy Observer began, but as updates slowed to a stop the two thought a podcast might yield better results. While still a bit inconsistent with a release schedule, each episode guarantees a minimum of one laugh even for the humour impaired. Andy however seems to be the bulk of the podcast. In a regular podcast the two hosts seem to be relatively balanced with amount of talking it is just that Andy tends to helm the podcast and guide most of the conversations. However, when a guest is present Andy’s guiding seems to over power the conversation placing the guest in Kate’s normal position and she seems to talk less than normal. Segment wise this is a completely free flowing podcast. There is no set content to expect. The only guarantee is that their will be a break and they will call it a new segment. This is more of a transition to a completely new topic most of the time. Other times the same subject is covered or a slightly different part of it. This does not make it any less interesting just not how I would define a segment in a podcast. Sound quality wise there are apparently some dark episodes where their old microphone died and they used in the computer’s built-in mic. In all honesty, these episodes don’t sound that bad and for some might not be noticeable at all. The only thing I really could notice was that they described their seating arrangement as being uncomfortable at this time which might explain why on average these episodes are shorter. In the end this is an excellent podcast. The humour is well balanced with insight to the topics. Just take my word and go download some recent episodes right now.
Okay, you. Yes, you. Right there. Reading this review. Scroll up to the top of the page and hit subscribe. Hey! Don't talk back to me. Just do it. No, don't go get a cup of coffee. Don't go to the bathroom (you can hold it). Don't start playing with yourself (if you're currently doing it, just hurry up and finish, dammit). Subscribe to this podcast and listen. Just one episode. Just listen. You will absolutely, positively, 100% not regret it. Well, you might regret it. But then screw you.
So I stumbled upon this podcast looking for something and and entertaining! The logo looked odd and interesting so I gave it a try. I instantly fell in love. I love the dynamic of Kate and Andy, very fun and playful! If I were you I would subscribe NOW!
Andy and Kate are great hosts, and the pace that the podcast flows at is perfect for listening convenience. While I may be a frequent contributor, it's only because I write and call in on a regular basis, and any of you could be a contributor, too. Also, Kate was my best friend in high school. But any of you could be contributors, as well! *I have not listened to any other podcasts.
Few, if any, podcasts tap into the cultural ziegeist as well as this one. This is a fine example of quality NPR podcasting. Garrison Keillor is a true national treasure. Wait, this is Kate and Andy's podcast? Oh. I see. Well then. Um. The Savvy Observer is nice.
Sharp-witted and downright funny.