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I really dig the idea of this podcast. I was a kid who grew up watching Buffy, then Angel, and all of the following and I feel as though every single piece of the Whedon-verse has a poetic sense of beauty that is unique. Even Dollhouse, who had a pretty rocky start, by the end was one of the most beautifully tragic pieces of television I have ever seen. I like what these guys are trying to do, but they kind of come off as the fat comic book guy stereotype (worst episode ever!) that give all of us a bad name. The amount of times i’ve heard the phrase “f#*@$ this episode” while listening is staggering. And for a duo who continues to nitpick nonsensically and arbitrarily as often as they do, i’m kind of shocked that they don’t bother to pronounce many of the actors names correctly: Amy Ackers (Amy Acker), Josh Whedon (Joss Whedon). i’ve listened to this from the start, and love the idea of what they’re trying to do. Lighten up, be cool, and stop trying to be a superior nerd jerk. You make all of us look bad.
The lovely team Will and Hanna provide top notch reviews of shows spanning the Wedenverse. Give em' a listen, they're awesome .
As a Browncoat, I thoroughly love all things Joss Whedon. At times this podcast is boring, but that's because I'm only on episode 7 where the Buffy episodes were pretty boring. The podcasters lack the outward enthusiasm as other podcasts, but that just makes it seem like real people talking about great shows. Great podcast and I can't wait until we get to Firefly!
so far its just ok. sometimes im not sure if they really like buffy or not. they sound board and Hanna says "that happend" way to much. i can tell the show will pick up and will be a top notch cast. ill listen but am waiting till they come out the gate with gun a blazin. i wish i could give them 5 stars. keep your heads up guys youll get there.
Hannah's fun, but Preston doesn't seem to want to be there or to find any interest in watching the episodes that they're reviewing, which is a real downer when listening to a podcast. Also it doesn't seem to be so much a review and discussion of the shows they're discussing as an exhaustive recap of each episode with constant complaints about every thing that could have been better (Buffy the Vampire Slayer at the moment). Hopefully they will improve, maybe they'll find a mentor who will teach them how to critique rather than complain.
I heard the zero episode and can't wait for more. Buffy is great, but I am patiently awaiting Firefly! Keep it up.