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I've been listening to this podcast for, oh, a whole bunch of episodes now and it's turned into one of the few where I actually, genuinely miss it when they skip a week. On Tuesdays I can guarantee you that I start clicking the refresh button like once an hour until it starts downloading. I really appreciate Adam's take on things and while I think Tev's kind of an idiot most of the time, I'm at least interested in what he has to say. If you enjoy standard geeky topics like tech, videogames, movies etc. you'll also enjoy this podcast. Subscribe right now.
Just found your podcast and I love it keep up the great work. The show is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!
Great chemistry and Awesome range of topics.
Words cannot express the awesomeness of the this podcast... but I suppose I have to try. Untitled Geek is a lot of fun, essentially two friends geeking out on topics they might normally be talking about. While this gives the show a feel of "hanging out with pals" they do structure the show which keeps it from becoming a chaotic mess. (mostly) Even though they research their topics (for the most part), I still get the feeling like they know more or remember more about it than any one person has a right to know. If this was applied to something useful they could be dangerous.
This is by far my favorite Indie podcast on iTunes. I listen to it every week!
Hey guys really like the show. You guys make me laugh a ton.
You guys make me laugh. Listening to your show is like hanging out with my friends because we talk about the same things!
I enjoyed listening to you guys... you seem to talk about stuff that I care and talk about all the time... TV, movies, games... you know geek stuff...!