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What always amazes and impresses me about The Real Me podcasts (and all of Jonathan Harnisch's work, for that matter) is that regardless of where he may be emotionally and psychologically, when Jonathan starts working, he is able to transcend the limitations (or restrictions) of his illness. It is through his work that Jonathan manages again and again to hang on to the core—or perhaps the soul—of who he is as an individual. For example, Jonathan's references to his therapists shows great insight into the dynamic of the paranoia that arises regarding those closest to him. I think Jonathan’s podcasts provide quite an authentic glimpse into the chaos that is schizoaffective disorder.
Jonathan Harnisch is doing for mental illness and healing what Phil Jackson did for basketball. Mainly, demystifying the science and opening up the key doors to understanding, all with a Zen twist and a healthy dose of humor. If you or someone you love is suffering from schizophrenia, or any mental illness, this podcast is a useful tool in your quest to learn coping skills and not be limited by your disease!
These are really helpful podcasts. The ones I most appreciate are the ones that address how to stay positive even when things seem completely hopeless. Great series.