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I like this podcast. I just wish they released more of them. Keep them coming guys
This new show for August 17 won't download but stays still at 37.5KB. It still plays but wont download. Is anyone aware of this to be fixed?
U know what it would been cool if they put a Chanel so we could see super sentai and kamen rider
i have watched every episode i 'm a big fan i wish there were real so i could be the red ranger
Loving every minute keep it going guys
Gets to the point and my ears don't bleed...much. Other toku podcasts have WAY too many people and dedicate WAY too much time in the beginning rambling. My only real complaint is that you spend more time recapping episodes than you do discussing them. This is especially true in your recent podcasts when doing complete seasons. I'm very glad that you're taking the time to watch them though because I feel it'll make for a more knowledgeable show.
I watch the show on tv but why don't u put it on here because it's really cool
Keep it up




4 stars for being on itunes. I got the first 3 off RB. This saves me the transfer time. I still need to give it a listen but you got my attention.