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The level of paranoia is embarrassing and only surpassed by the ignorance of reality. Get your tin foil hat ready.
Sounds more like aimless talk. Too casual. Have not mentioned design once and I've been listening for about 20 minutes about Florida weather, manatees, and pythons. Lost my interest.


Crass and immature.
I tried three episodes and couldn't make it through any of them. The other negative reviews have said it all - instead of a podcast about design this is a podcast of mostly useless banter that's not entertaining. Hard pass on this one.
I don’t like Mike. However, What he says is 100% right 100% of the time and he knows everything. That’s why I listen to him. Also his co-host is the bomb (dot) com. They give useful information regarding the industry I work in and cut through it with a no-nonsense thought process (quick as a whip). I’ll be listening as long as they put this out. P.S. Everyone below me is wrong. Anyone who leaves one star reviews on anything is a Sith.
The reviewers leaving one and two stars may be missing the point, I'm afraid. This show is not about covering topics nonstop. It's about thinking. Thinking can sometimes be a slow and tedious process. But in the end, you are better off than you were before. My only complaint is that there aren't enough episodes. I need a new one everyday!
First, Mike can be funny, but he THINKS he's Marc Maron funny, when he's really only a little funnier than Jessie Char, which is cruel to say, but true. Second, Jessie's voice is the most nails-on-chalkboard experience in podcastdom. I found myself fast-forwarding every time she started grating on about nothing. Dumped after 4 or 5 episodes. Ain't nobody got time for this.
It's incredible just how ridiculous people can be. This podcast exemplifies self importance and petty viewpoints. You want design commentary and news? Look *anywhere* else. This is a severe waste of time.
If there was't a Mike Monteiro we would have to invent him. Kind of a revolving door of co-hosts, but all of whom have been great. Not for those with short attention spans, nor those who need a beginning, a middle, and an end. Or a plot. Or a laugh track. This show meanders, but there is always something to learn from wrong turns.
Giving 5 stars for the new co-host, Jessie and upbeat tone of the last episode. I've been listening since episode 1 on the old network and I have a new excitement for this show!
The woman talks way to fast. She sounds like she is on speed, so anything she says I don't hear. Their bantor back and forth is valueless. I have unsuscribed, since the woman is not going away soon.
I really find this show to be completely inspirational even though I don't work in the tech industry. If it could attract call ins from people in regular business sectors it would be a five-star but who listens isn't up to them. Try to think more broadly when you use the term "design" and you'll catch a bigger audience IMO. Thanks!
I loved this podcast. Now I can't even listen to it. Leah had big shoes to fill when Katie left, and frankly doesn't even come close. She is, unfortunately, a terrible foil for Mike. And although the show has always been prone to spin off into tangents, it always seemed to come back around to design, and that was largely due to Katie's shepherding. I don't believe that I've heard anything useful or insightful in weeks on this show. Sorry guys, unsubscribing...
A friend in the design business recommended this podcast, and I'd watched the video of Mike at Creative Mornings, so thought subscribing would be a "can't miss." But the episode I picked to listen to, #60, turned out to be a big miss. It wasn't until the 11th minute that I heard even the slightest allusion to the topic at hand (public speaking). By the 20th minute I had still not heard anything I haven't read a hundred times in any and every book about this subject. I'll give it another shot some time, but I'd advise Mike to get down to it. I suspect others, like me, listen to business podcasts because we're busy, not because we want to learn about the weather in D.C.
Great show. Mike and Katie are a good combo and like the title says, sometimes they talk about design.


By sudos
Listened to about 15 minutes after looking for new tech podcasts…stay away from this one. Rather boring.
Mike and Katie are a joy to listen to.
This podcast reminded me why as a designer myself, I can't stand talking to so many other designers. So many are completely full of themselves--legends in their own minds like these podcasters-- and ready to tell you their version of what good design should be. Give me a break. This was nonsense.
Great podcast about design and more. Design is about relationships and process and commerce and this show articulates all of the issues surrounding these topics quite articulately. Mike Montero is the design world's curmudgeonly motivational speaker, exactly what it needs right now.
I'm almost embarrassed (because of how much of a nerd it makes me) to say that this is my favorite podcast, but it's true. I look forward to it every week and was super disappointed when they took a three week break. Thought it was about time I write a review to counteract the haters. I don't mind the banter at all. Mike and Katie are both great personalities that compliment each other well. I like the show because I admire and identify with the "ethos" of Mule Design, so I'm curious about their process and tend to trust their advice. I'm a designer who has always been interested in all of the supporting elements it takes to make design successful that are frequently discussed on this show — research, strategy, client interaction, presenting and defending work, etc. I've discovered that these elements make a tremendous difference (especially the ability to sell your work) when it comes to being a successful designer, so it's nice to see someone actually talking about them. Highly recommended.
I listened to two episodes and I wish I could get that time back.
Funny & insightful.
If you want to listen to Mike for his usual wit and sarcastic quips about life and sports (perhaps the same thing, for many), this is a really good podcast. If you are here because you want to learn about design, you get some of that. If you want *D*esign, then you are at the wrong place. This podcast provides me with a good sense of design in the most practical senses, and you have to dig deep into the conversation to find out how it applies or inspires you. There are many obvious recommendations for best practices, but often the conversations drift into tangents that can be reeled back into some basic design principles, as well. The difficulty for first time listeners would be to be practiced in listening for the nuggets of joy. It can be an entertaining hour most of the time, but also a bit droll. I was looking for something more towards Design itself, but I haven't quite found one that fits my needs except for the Adaptive Path podcasts and some episodes of Back to Work.
Very calm, clear sighted view at designers professional life. Admit it - we're not so good in our heads, we need someone to talk to us about it. It's like growing-up.
Fun, entertaining, and insightful comments from successful design professionals. Also: slightly offensive at times, which makes it even better.
Mike & Katie are wicked smart and witty. Yes, there's a good amount of chatting but there are also precious bits of wisdom about design and running a client service. It's the school of hard knocks brand of wisdom. This show is a cross between Mike's twitter account and the more refined Mule Design blog. If you don't know either of these vehicles, you may not know entirely what you're getting into. I like to listen to the show when I'm in front of my computer working: it puts a smile on my face.
Surprising amount of Talk Show listeners claiming that this show is light on content and high on chit chat. My guess is John Gruber put them up to it to screw with Mike. Don't listen to them though. Yes, there's banter, but if you're not laughing, then you don't follow @Mike_FTW. Often it can take them a while to get to a point, but the point is always worth the wait. The truthes Mike & Katie suss out of the basest starts are startling and surprising. And totally worth listening to.
I was excited to hear this was coming but the reality is that there is too much chaff and not enough wheat; you have to listen to quite a bit of rambling to get to a nugget about design or business. And then where was the "White Boy Smackdown" comment from Monteiro; I hit pause and haven't continued since. I give it two stars for the occasional good advice.
Read all the negative reviews here and there are all true and accurate. Many others can produce a podcast in 1minute with more depth and helpful insight than them, not kidding. Example on the topic of not tweeting bad things about client which they went on for almost the entire show saying the same thing, repeatedly. I told myself to give it a chance week after week, thinking they will improve, but sadly it became more and more dull, aimless and boring. To see the contrast of a good show, try listening any episode of the Pipeline (also by 5by5) and you'll know how much more you'll be inspired than this. Unsubscribed after 13 weeks.
This is one of the weaker 5by5 offerings. Mike Monteiro may hold an important role in today's design profession, but I find his narcissitic self-absorbed attitude really tiring. And there is way too much uninteresting banter.
Talking about design, regardless of medium, is not impossible. It may be difficult but whether formal design criticism or more casual discussions of process, there are talented designers and critics out there having articulate conversations about the field. And while I am confident that Monteiro & Gillum are capable of bringing new ideas and opinions to the conversation, after thirteen episodes they have passed on that opportunity the overwhelming majority of the time. If you happen to share their non-design related interests in specific corners of pop culture or sports, then you might be entertained by their banter. I personally had hoped that they would find their stride after a few episodes and focus in on design. I held onto that hope week after week as every now and then they stumble onto the subject. As of episode #13, Let's Make Mistakes is 80% aimless talk, 15% references to a talented lawyer, 4% ugly comments about celebrities and 1% design-related topics. Let's Make Mistakes has proven a disappointing podcast, falling short of what 5by5 has to offer.
Getting better! I just listened to episode 10 and really appreciated the info. Very useful.
Tried to give this podcast an honest chance. I listened to several episodes and just couldn't find any value. It boils down to the hosts simply whinning about their situations, and not offering any solutions to change it. I hear enough whinning without solutions at my job. Keep trying, you can only get better.
One of my favorite podcasts; smart, interesting and funny, and a great pairing of personalities. Katie is a really good interviewer and Mike is the best kind of opinionated: experienced and thoughtful.
This is the podcast equivalent of a 60hz hum. Two people saying so much about nothing! Not NEARLY as good as the brilliant Talk Show, Build & Analyze or Hypercritical. update: checked #9, and seemed to be a bit more on topic, possibly thanks to the dull man talking less and the woman talking more? But even at 2x speed I quickly grew bored (strawberries & champagne jokes, ha ha STOP).
It's nice to hear a show with true, lived-in insight of what skills are necessary to be successful at design with hosts with an excellent rapport. Not at all dry, with lots of anecdotes to illustrate the points they make. Includes a nice balance of other topics -- sports, tv, life, etc. -- that goes a long way to help ground the hosts and gives a better sense of their personalities and, frankly, makes it all the more enjoyable to listen to topics that could otherwise be boring.
The hosts have a good dynamic, and the show is enjoyable to listen to. Hope it continues along the same path.
Narcissistic, hypocritical, sometimes funny, mostly lame.
I love hypercritical , build and analyze, and the talk show... And I'm enormously interested in design... Listening to this show became an exercise of watching the clock to see when the banter would end. After more than 9 minutes the subject turned away from chit chat. Slowly. Surprisingly sparse content. A shame.
This podcast is a great mix of conversation and information dealing with the life & career of graphic design. Not only informative, but fun. People who say that there is not enough talk about design are missing the point. No one can tell you how to be a great designer, but by talking about anything with other people you improve your perspective and therefore your designs. Mike FTW!
Maybe I picked the wrong episode to start out with, but after 8 minutes of not talking about anything except track and field, throwing things, and Mother's Day, I just had to unsubscribe. I like my podcasts concise and to the point, this felt more like a day in the life of these two people. I like 5by5, but this show is just not my cup of tea.
Mike Monteiro and Katie Gillum are well matched, personality-wise, for this podcast. They both bring experience and humor to a show that goes well served alongside Back to Work. What is it with Bay Area people, anyway? Are they all that interesting to listen to?
I've really been enjoying the "Let's Make Mistakes" show, especially the witty banter between Mike and Katie. Even though I'm not a designer, I get a lot of enjoyment and value from hearing the perspectives of two people who clearly are committed to their work and talk confidently about good ways to approach it. The mix of talk about work and non-work topics keeps it fresh, and I can't wait to hear them interview guests as they suggested on a recent show. Keep it up!
Mike and Katie bring their real life experience to being a designer in today's world, and everything it entails from contracts and clients to working with talented workers. It's no BS but still professional and enjoyable, and a must-listen to be sure you know your worth and conduct yourself as someone to be treated respectfully. And be sure to look for Mike's excellent FUPM talk and get in the proper mindset.
Episode two. "... and her boyfriend too." it's like 30 rock writers and 5by5 had a lovechild podcast that's useful and fun.
An excellent podcast for anyone interested in running a business, design, or both.
I like it!
How to succeed as a professional designer. The advice even applies to other careers! I think it's most interesting to listen at 1.5x speed because they speak slowly and with many pauses.