Down to Earth: an Earthjustice Podcast

Reviews For Down to Earth: an Earthjustice Podcast

Ever wonder what it would be like to devote decades to taking a stand in court for the well-being of the oceans, lakes, mountains, plains, and valleys around the world? This podcast is full of stories told by people who do just that. I highly recommend it to anyone who believes in protecting the earth for the benefit of future generations. Just prepare to be inspired.
This podcast is always a great listen. Fascinating subjects that focus on what's really important for protecting the environment.
These podcasts feature interviews with knowledgeable businessmen and Earthjustice lawyers. Besides telling you about the crucial issues they are fighting for our health and our environment, they reveal fascinating details about science. Did you know that sugar beets and chard are genetically identical? Listen, learn, act!


By ewikah
Earthjustice is a fabulous organization. This podcast gives you a glimpse into their work to preserve our natural heritage, safeguard our health, and promote a clean energy future.