Indiana Week in Review

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This podcast consistently degenerates into uninformative bickering, mostly because Ann DeLaney constantly interrupts and insults. It makes the podcast an unpleasant listen that adds little intellectual value to Indiana political news or debate. Indiana does need a professional political podcast, but it needs to start with better personalities.
Great way to keep up with current events in our state.
I listen every week - I'm their biggest fan! This is the best group of people you could be listening to, right now. Mike is genial and jolly, Ann steals the show. Like good coffee, she's 'delightfully bitter!' Leslie's a pillar practicality. Ketzenberger is the cool one. Schwantes is the comic relief. And Jim is the ring master who's graciously not afraid to throw his hat in the ring. Everyone they get to fill in for them is cool, too. They shout, they laugh and they prove that red or blue, we are Hoosiers, first. Indiana Week 4-Ever!!!
Great way to stay abreast of current events in Indiana - nice to get all sides of the discussion.
every week, i have problems getting the newest podcast to download properly