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Love listening to you guys. It's a 45 min drive to work and your show is what I listen to on the way to and from. Can't wait for the next one.
The quality of the content is difficult to judge given how poor the audio quality is. It is very difficult to listen to.
Well done for a couple of regular joes. Great basic preparedness discussions with focus on keeping alive and family safe. Alot of what if senarios. Tech covers everything from sticks to iphones. Great job.


By 30calAP
It's not really worth the time unless you're looking to hear about very, very generalized topics, Iphone apps, cheap gear(emphasis placed on cheap) for 72 hour kits/bug out bags, and family vacations. Probably best to thoroughly research anything you hear on this podcast, which you'll have to do anyway if you're interested in preparedness. That being the case, there are other podcasts which offer both better and more detailed information to start from.
Informative, entertaining and insightful. Great guys talking about great stuff.
The show is informative and entertaining-it's like hanging out with two of your friends and learning at the same time.
These guys put a great podcast together and it's a couple of real guys doing things we all do, with their families and on a budget. I always find myself anxious for the next episode! Keep up the great work guys!
I enjoy listening to this podcast. Matt and Korey are very informative and present themselves and the topics very well. I look forward to each podcast. Enjoyed episode 14 very much...
The Podcast is presented in a friendly, approachable fashion and the information is practical and useful in the real world. Korey and Matt come across as real everyday folks who are trying to share knowledge and have a dialog instead of just giving a lecture.
I started listening to the podcast and then it was stalled for a while....Now it is up and running great! I can't wait to download the latest podcast and listen to it at makes me forget about things for a bit. I feel like these guys (Matt and Korey) are friends or neighbors just chatting about their lives and survival tech. It's just got a "home" feel to it that I enjoy. Gear reviews are my favorite. Keep up the good work guys!! Love the new website also!! The forums are informative. Top rated podcast!
The best podcast. enjoyable to listen to and they have grate ideas.
these guys are good and reasonable about preparing for any disaster event as well as shtf, collapse of economy/ infrastructure. theyre brothers and I wish I'd had a brother like them.
I listen to a lot of survival type podcasts, these guys may not be as polished (yet) as some of the others but it is only episode 9. That also might be the thing I like most about them, there real people talking about the real things us people talk about in the survival/prep universe. Keep up the good work!!
this podcast is one of the best survival podcast out there . the only thing that i do not like is that the sound quality is a little short sometimes.
I found most everything discussed to be of interest and informative. While most was to me considered common knowledge or rather common sense I can definitely see where just simply hearing it again was a good brush up of info in a generic platform. Good job guys. I look forward to more episodes and product reviews (i.e. mobile solar charging, shelter, or anything really)