Reviews For JayWalking!

This podcast has reduced me to looking like an idiot in public. You know, that strange person walking down the street laughing hysterically to herself? That's me, and I have Jaywalking alone to thank for that. I listen to it while walking to school, and have resorted to standing outside my classroom to 'just finish the segment'. The other day, I was listening to Ep. 5 while minding my own business and eating my falafel sandwich. The podcast made me laugh so hard I nearly choked on some falafel, and then I proceeded to laugh until I cried. Good thing I wasn't around anyone... So thank you, Jaywalking for 1) making me look like a fool in public, 2) ruining my educational career, and 3) trying to kill me via inhalation of falafel.
I stumbled upon this and was shocked to find out that one of my former carpool mates had now started a podcast, or whatever you call two random guys recording their fairly interesting ramblings. I may be off base though, because I was also entertained when we were about 8 and you made a song out of the acronym for Laser. Tofu isn't food, that's my only gripe. I think the left coast has taken you astray, Jason.
I love, love, love this podcast, it keeps me company when I'm lonely. When you listen to Jaywalking you feel like you have two friends in the room.
this is the kind of jibber jabber people have been waiting for! finally, some everyday joes we can relate to, talking about nothing, and reffing pop culture which is either highly obscure, or mainstream but 5 years late. i can NOT get enough of this podcast!