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I've heard in a long time! Hell yes
I just recently discovered this podcast, and I'm glad i did. This is a very well done podcast, great overall chemistry. Subscribe today you won't regret it, I gurantee it.
Highly entertaining!!!
These guys are great!!! I lost my virginity to BCR! ....or did my virginity lose ME to BCR?! Either way, this podcast needs to be on the front page!!!
Absolutely love these guys!!!
Awesome show always keeps me laughing.
This show is funny as hell! I love the no holds barred commentary on anything and everything!!
Very funny show. Refreshing alternative comedy that does me good. More please!!!
This is the greatest stuff I have heard. It's been awesome and it keeps getting jawesome!
I'm glad they are still making great shows. Can't wait to see what things will be like after the move!
These guys are hilarious. I hope they stick with it cuz im dedicated. Comedy and a little investigative reporting, it's a perfect blend. I now consider myself a chambersman!
Great on the way to work too!
These guys made me pee myself!


By Kup3
If Jesus had a comedian cousin nade Pedro, I would imagine he would plagiarize soooo much material from these guys. These guys are a riot and one of the funniest podcasts i've heard on itunes. In fact, they are the exact OPPOSITE of how I want my children to turn out, which, in this case, is a good thing. A++
Like a ham cut thinly and spread over your sweet sweet...
Try and listen to all the shows
Hope you think so too
Deeze guyz iz great.....z


By Neoxkc
This show is great! Grab your earbuds and put them in''er ears. She'll thank you, I guarantee it. Keep up the good work guys!