Reviews For Private Lives | The Podcast for the Sexually Adventurous a Journey of Sex from Around the Globe

The story with the bisexual couple was super hot
Surprised to find out that this podcast review adult films too. Cool topics.
you had me at Mile High Club.
I really hate that new echo deal they got going on. It drives me crazy. Reminds me of that Worse commercial ever for headache relief... Apply directly to the forehead, Apply directly to the forehead, Apply directly to the forehead, Apply directly to the forehead. I don't think they listen to themselves before posting the podcast. Everything else is great.
Geacias por todo!
I love this one, it really has a wide variety of topics for the sexually adventurous, and it sounds great. They really put a lot of effort into publishing this one. I really appreciate all the hard work! Gloria the editor rocks!
Please stop with the echo/remix thing nobody nobody no no no body body likes likes likes it it it it it's Ann annoy annoy annoying annoying
I really enjoyed listening to this entertaining and exciting fun podcast. Go, go, go!!
This is a great new podcast, it presents stories of fact and fiction in the sexual arena. I highly recommend it.