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I really enjoy listening to this podcast. I just found it a couple days ago and it has already become one of my favorites. Steven Mansfield is very knowledgeable and wise in his words and content. I appreciate his acceptance of all people, no matter their beliefs. I too, even though not religious, have engaged in the process of learning and understanding different ideas and the world in general. Thank you for your great service.
Loved this podcast and its suggestions! Please don’t forgot the many resources our local libraries (and the librarians therein) can provide - free books - hard copy, e-books, audio books. Check it out!! 😎
I’ve always appreciated Stephen. His heart is good and his passion for learning is contagious. In our current political climate, I find it difficult to find a trustworthy source for current events. Stephen is one that I’ve come to trust to give unbiased opinions. I’ve heard him scold Trump, and I’ve heard him praise trump. Likewise with Obama, and others. This is rare, and deeply refreshing. I believe I’ve listened to every podcast, and while they haven’t all been home runs, I believe I am a better citizen, more compassionate Christian, and a better man for having spent the time with Stephen.
Author is to the point, clear, and energetic about the news and stances he informs on
I like Mandfield's informative and engaging discussion on a host of issues.
You don’t need three hours of listening to take something away. Mansfield goes right into the heart of whatever the issue is, he gives you his view, he’s fair, and his commentary is potent. Highly recommended.
There’s not a lot of people in the this world that we can call confident, humble, and wise all at the same time. Mansfield brings this unique quality into the podcast world, and I’m thankful for every time I get a chance to glean from his insight and wisdom.
The bite-sized podcasts are great to tackle when you have a short drive. I appreciate the honest thoughts and straightforward way of talking through issues.
Mansfield has something to say. Short and poignant.
Great information about investigating the news that is being presented to us.
My favorite podcast, period. Stephen is without a doubt my favorite faith/culture/politics commentator. Good commentary brings value and something to think about to people of widely different faiths, political ideologies, and cultural perspectives. That is what this podcast does. Stephen is always concise, clear, and respectful with his thoughts and I can't wait for each new episode to come out. Subscribe to this podcast!
I enjoy this podcast because Stephen is a reasoned, education, compassionate Christian thinker. He doesn't pull any punches, but always has a compassionate tone to his talks. The subjects are timely and I gain a new perspective. The only thing that could make this podcast better is if there were more of them!