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really cool show,whole lotta rock talk
Here is my long time coming 5 star review for my friends Chris and AAron from the Decibel Geek podcast. I completely LOVE this podcast. The production, content and spirit are top notch. I have done the show twice due to my involvement with different Anthrax releases and am thankful. Chris and AAron are completely likable hosts that pull you in to the sentiment of the rock and roll we love. Unlike some podcasts, they have good microphones and relaxing voices. You won’t leave the show wanting to hurt either one of them LOL! I only hope that when I finish doing my next Anthrax release Persistence of time I can come back on! Keep ‘me coming guys. I wish you all the success in the world. You guys are the genuine real deal! Thanks for being a friend to me. Your thrashing pal, Shawn Franklin
I just started listening to podcasts a year ago, just found this one a couple of weeks ago! So grateful I did! I love listening and getting really interesting info on bands I know but I also really love finding out about bands I haven’t heard of yet. The guys have a great show!!! MightyK
Long time listener and supporter, great show, great hosts, fantastic content!
Great idea - solid content - but horrible audio quality. Worst sounding podcast I’ve heard anywhere. That kinda matters given the topic....!
I have been a fan of this podcast almost from day one. I was already a fan when they interviewed Eddie Trunk! These guys really know their stuff, and even though their KISS fandom makes me roll my eyes on ocassion, I love their chemistry. After the years the quality of their show has only improved. I do have to take some points off for a couple of things: a. Minus 1/2 star for Aaron saying that Duff McKagan could outplay John Deacon. Sorry, but no. b. Minus 1 star for making a scum of the Earth guy a Geek of the Week. After all that, I will give them one star back for having the courage to make an episode about worst KISS songs. This one I enjoyed a lot. All this comes up to 4 1/2 stars, but I'll give them the whole 5. I know they'll make up for that in the future. Rock On Chris and Aaron!
The number one podcast in the, The Universe! I don’t need a poll to tell me, I’m an Gino freaking Ames and I know this kind thing! Some day I can only hope the guys will have me on so we can chat tunes! Keep up the awesome universe changing experience!
I’m glad I found this podcast. I can listen to stories and info about KISS for hours on end, which is what I’ve been doing at work for the past week since I started listening. I loved the Michael Wagener albums unleashed. Especially the two Skid Row albums and also Carnival of Souls one which. I would give this podcast 5 stars but I can’t just because they wasted time doing a Kid Rock albums unleashed. I hate Kid Rock more than anything. Keep up the good work and please please stop listening to Kid Rock. He’s the worst thing that could’ve happened to music in general.
Let’s face it, there are a ton of rock/metal podcasts out there. I’ve listened to a bunch but none of them seemed to really stick...until I found the Decibel Geek Podcast. Chris and Aaron have a great show here. The guests are great, but so are the shows with just Chris and Aaron. My favorite episodes though are the Albums Unleashed. Everything about the DGP is spot-on, but it all boils down to the two hosts. These guys are knowledgeable, funny, and they don’t seem to take themselves too seriously. It’s all in good fun and all about the bands and music we love. I’d give it 6 stars if that was an option.
Chris & Aaron put all their passion into this podcast, there has never been a better one in my opinion & I’ve listened to many before stumbling upon this one. These guys totally speak my language. I’m happy & jealous of them because I wish I can be talking with them & joining in on the conversation. I just want to jump through my speaker , crack one open with them & talk some good rockin music ! Listen to this podcast, but be forewarned ITS ADDICTING!!!! Joey Espo New Haven Ct.
Chris and Aaron, you guys outdid yourselves with the Damon Johnson interview. What a great guy he is, with great stories to tell. Keep 'em coming! For listeners: Chris and Aaron are rock fans, yes, but candid ones. And they bring unique stories to the podcast universe, such as their Albums Unleashed series. If you like rock music, you should give this podcast a try.
Decibel Geek is awesome!!! Chris and Aaron are great guys, they know how to put on an awesome Expo, and they know how to show their fans a great time. That has been guitar player and that horrendous Kiss podcast that we won’t mention have no idea what they’re talking about. I discovered them through Ralph and Ian from the Rock & Metal Combat Podcast. I got to experience and participate in the First Rock & Pod Expo last year in Nashville. I had a great time and I got to meet all kinds of cool people and purchase some awesome vinyl. Chris and Aaron were also generous enough to let me come hangout with them, Ralph, and Ian at the Decibel Geek headquarters the Sunday after the Expo. I already booked my room for Rock & Pod 2 and I’ll see you guys in August. Rock on Brothers!!! Scott Stine🤘😝
Great show for Fans of Rock & Metal by hosts that are fans of Rock & Metal! AAron and Chris have great chemistry and keep the show exciting as well as informative. 5 Stars!
Found this podcast a few weeks ago. My favorite genre of music hosted by two really cool and knowledgeable guys. Tora Tora-Wild America and Warrant-Dog Eat Dog are two of my all time fav albums. Really cool in depth analysis and discussion celebrating those two classic albums. Great job guys! Now Looking forward to catching up on all the episodes I missed!
Decibel Geek has become a cottage industry at this point with their podcast, their website packed with excellent articles/reviews from their many great writers (I had the privilege of being one of them for a year a while back), Decibel Geek TV on YouTube and, as of 2017, the Rock N Pod Expo which is the very first of it’s kind that combines rock/metal music and podcasting into an all day convention-style format. Chris C. (I’m too lazy to type out or copy and paste his last name) and AAron Camaro have more or less set the standard for rock/metal podcasting. Great stuff.
Great interview with Vinnie Vincent🤘🏻I started listening last month after listening to Talk Toomey recently. Anyone into rock music should check these guys out!
Talk about bringing back memories. What a great debut album by the Bulletboys. I remember buying the cassette when released and played the hell out of it. Great from top to bottom, still play it 30 yrs later. Chris and Aaron always do a great job and know their stuff. They always bring out the best of each other and their guests. Cool stories from Mick about the album. Love the albums unleashed episodes!! Awesome podcast guys, keep up the great job👍🏻🤘🏻 Keith Rochford
I recently started listening to podcasts as my job now involves me to be on the road about half of the time. Still catching up with all of the available episodes but so far my favs have been the one about RATT and the other would be the KISS "Demolicious" episode. I'm 47 years old and still love KISS, RATT, Motley, Priest, etc. as much as ever. I live (and grew up) in Mississippi. We used to anxiously await the monthly issues of Circus magazine, which was about the only way to find out anything about any of the rock bands back then. It is amazing how things have changed. I love hearing all of the interesting tidbits of info that i never knew about before. In particular the info that you guys have about KISS alone is mind blowing ! Keep up the good work.
An occasional listener, decent podcast. Even if the 3 Sides story isn't true, kudos to Decibel Geek for calling them out.
Loved the drama lol! Hopefully I will meet you in Nashville this year. Keep up the great work! Ken from Kissfaq Podcast
Great music, great interviews and great talk!!! Chris & Aaron are the best!!! As a loyal listener & V.I.P. I'm here to tell ya these guys are the REAL deal and great friends!!! Chris drove the getaway car when I egged Sammy Hagar's house and Aaron hepled me sell my "product" to all of Ugly Kid Joe's road crew!!! So do yourself a favor at meet these fine men at The Nashville Rock N Pod Expo 2!!! Hopefully thery're not next to those jerks from The Rock & Metal Combat Podcast!!! Your truly, Rockin' Ron's probation officer
When it comes to music podcasts they all seem to follow the leader which is D. G. From the format they follow to the guest they try and get. You know your the leader when other podcasts consider you experts and call you live on their shows. No one can match the chemistry that Aaron and Chris have as well as the knowledge that could stump even the biggest Trunk. There’s only one podcast that Im always checking for a new episode of and that’s the D. G. Podcast. Can I give a 10 star review?
I have been looking for a new podcast on Kiss and other rock groups and related issues. The other podcast I have listen to didn’t hold my attention, and I respect you guys on how you handle the Vinnie Vincent issues.Yes I read a lot of those post. And it Inspired me to write a positive one myself.But you guys really make listening a pleasure. Very informative and enjoyable. You are my new go to! I will spread the word.
I've been listening to podcasts since 2005 & tried to find rock podcasts. There were a handful out there but they weren't quite what I was looking for. Finally I found Decibel Geek & they checked all the boxes on my list! Chris & Aaron have great chemistry & passion for music. The show has everything you want the music you love, the hidden gems you missed back ing the day, & the amazing new music that's needs to be played for the world. They do great interviews with players big & small in the industry. Even if it's just the two bantering, it's always entertaining. If creating a great podcast isn't enough. They've started a movement of fellow podcasts & an exhaustively rewarding website full of all the content you need. Decibel Geek is the hub for all the music content you need. Thanks to Decibel Geek I'm listening to more music than ever. Thanks for all the hard work, guys.
This pod cast gets a five star just for turning me onto Orchid! Can’t even begin to imagine the prep time these guys put into a show bringing a great wealth of knowledge ,humor and entertaining . It’s also refreshing to here a music related pod cast where the host does not talk about himself for half of it. Amazing variety of bands , songs , sounds , interesting bio , little known facts and even some useless information packed into each show. Their passion shows through on every pod cast!!!!! If your not a subscriber you are missing out.
Great chemistry between Chris and Aaron. Keep up the good work!
I know, what you want! You want, what I got! And that's a 5 star review. This is a great podcast, I love the Albums Unleashed features, the multitude of Vinnie Vincent shows, and the annual KISSmas in July specials. This show has turned me on to some bands I didn't know much about, specifically Tora Tora and Roxy Blue, which I had only read about before. I can't recommend this podcast enough.
These guys generally have great guests and keep it flowing. Love the Kissmas episodes but also the people behind the scenes getting a larger view of what happened. Great job guys.
Always a fun listen with Aaron and Chris. Professional sounding and good conversation. Long live Decibel Geek!
Love to listen to these guys. CHRIS AND AARON .. great tag team and love the for the music is in their hearts !!!keep it up guys
Chris and Aaron do not only have extensive knowledge about the bands and musicians they speak to, and about, BUT it’s like they’re reading my mind with every question, every song. They just seem to know what WE want to know. Donnie Vie interview was beyond incredible and this up and coming expo they’ve put together is just more proof that his podcast is a step above the rest. Subscribe or get left in the dust. We are are in the KNOW!
Chris & Aaron (in addition to being some of our finest citizens) know their stuff and they also know what they like. With a guest roster I am jealous of plus a true passion for Rock, it's a no-brainer that you must listen and subscribe.
Chris and Aaron keep the torch alight for hard rock and metal fans. The interviews are especially excellent and the episodes focused on Kiss-related topics are good and juicy. They've built a passionate community that appreciates what they're doing and how they do it.
First class all the way!
If you listen to music podcast and this is not the first one you go to every week, rearrange your pod schedule. Aaron and Chris do it right! A rock and roll news show good enough to be nationally syndicated.
Can't wait to meet at the Rock N' Pod
Decibel Geek podcast is one of the best, too shelf music related podcasts out there. It's well produced (something that isn't always easy to find) and we'll researched. They cover all kinds of rock and roll from the late '60's to today. Their bread and butter are hard rock, KISS and '70's and some '80's metal. Great hosts that are naturals behind the microphone. I'm so glad I found this podcast. Between the Rock and Metal Combat podcast (friends of theirs) and Kisstory Science Theater I'm set for my music podcasts needs. Keep it up boys and people spread the word!
Aaron's passion for Kiss and Chris's honesty makes for a genuine debate. Both of you stood your ground, didn't back down and walked away friends. If only our government could work this well. Love listening to all your discussions on music. Up the Irons.
Get your weekly dose of Hard Rock and Metal.. and Plenty of KISS! These guys do a great variety of topics and review tons of Music! Love the KISSmas in July episodes! And tune in to the RUSH Covered in Metal episode, to check out their "heavy" RUSH tunes. It made me go back and give them another listen! Keep up the Great work Guys! A MUST LISTEN PODCAST FOR ROCK FANS!
I loved the Desmond child episode especially.
Kissmas in July...A+!!! Its Only Rock And Roll All Night...And I Like It!
Just recently stumbled across Decibel Geek because I haven't been able to get enough KISS lately. Looks like I picked the right month to get on board with KISSmass in July going on. The last two episodes were awesome! In the immortal words of Joe Dirt "I'm a rocker dude, through and through" and even though KISS was my first love I look forward to getting caught up on the rest of the episodes.
The digital landscape is filled with rock and metal podcasts. Decibel Geek Podcast outshines them all. Hosts, Chris and Aaron are regular guys who are passionate about rock and metal, and it shows. This is something they do because they love the music, and have for years. They have an extensive working knowledge of the genres and use that knowledge along with research and effort to produce high quality content. Not satisfied with the same format for each episode, Decibel Geek is presented with different but recurring themes that are both informative and entertaining. They pay homage to the rock and metal artists and icons of the past, shine a spotlight on the artists of today, and champion the lesser known artists who just might become the Van Halens or Judas Priests of tomorrow. You wanted the best and you've got it. The hottest podcast in the land, Decibel Geek.
The albums unleashed shows are insanely good!! Love that they don't do the obvious albums. John Corabi on Motley 94 was my favorite show. My 2nd concert ever was Lita Ford/Tuff. Loved the Stevie Rachelle show even though was never a huge fan. After the show it made me buy that album. If you guys continue to refine your craft, one day you might be half as good as Michael Butler.
The hosts know their music history! Dang, and I thought I was pretty well-read... I feel like a novice now after listening to the hosts and their guest (?) Sonny! Great chemistry between you 3! Do some more podcasts together and thanks for introducing Restrayned! They definitely got potential... And loved Halestorm discussion! You got a new listener! Thanks also for keeping it clean so wife and I can listen (gotta introduce her to rock that's not just played on mainstream radio lol)...
These guys are fantastic. You can tell when a host is just doing his job and when a host lives the life. These guys live it and own it. While they do their research to get the exact details, it is clear that they know their stuff. They are a wealth of rock history and connections. Thanks to DBG Podcast, I have found the band Volbeat, and have been reminded of some long-forgotten gems from my childhood, like Slik Toxik. They have allowed me to go back to some of my favorite bands and listen to them with new ears because of what I have learned on this podcast. The fact that I am only a year or two older than the hosts makes it even better, since we had many of the same experiences growing up. As a fan-boy of Poison myself, having seen Poison live 19 times and Bret and CC live solo a combined total of 5 times, I can appreciate their enthusiasm for Kiss. What makes it even better is that for as much as they gush about their favorite band, they also find fault with Kiss and its members in almost every episode. AND THIS IS REFRESHING, because even as rabid fans, we can see and accept the faults and failures of the bands we idolize. Well done, gentlemen. I am quickly catching up with the backlog, and can't wait for more metal. Keep it real.
Chris and Aaron never fail to get the blood pumping! Are you a fan of classic rock, metal, hair metal, etc?? THEN DONT DELAY!!! Check out the Decibel Geek Podcast, where there's always time to rock n roll all nite!!!! This podcast goes up to 11!!!
I connect with the Decibel Geeks on many levels, because much like myself they are just normal guys that grew up on and love Hard Rock and Metal music. What is better that being able to share your memories and discuss your love of rockin music? They explore the past as well as help keep you informed about newer bands and some of our favorite older bands with new music out. They wave the flag of real rock and keep the torch alive. Do yourself a favorite and subscribe and download some great entertaining rock and roll insight.
...And your taste in music tended towards the hard rock/heavy metal end of the musical spectrum. This podcast has got you covered if you long for the days of spandex, makeup and the loud glorious noise of the sunset strip. Not limited to only "hair metal", Chris and Aaron are terrific hosts and are extremely knowledgable in all things rock and metal from all eras, bringing humor and passion for the music to the proceedings. And if you're a KISS fan like me these guys certainly have talked about that band more than a few times. I strongly recommend this podcast.