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I love getting my weekly dose of queer music representation! The music is well currated and the artist comments are great!
Great new tracks from queer artists you havent heart of yet!
this show opened my eyes to so much community, like-mindedness, and general queerness that I so needed to discover and I am ever-so grateful for its existence. -alannahchristen
Great stuff


Ads interrupt the show.
I've been listening to Homoground for years now - it is THE resource for queer music around the world. Very inspirational! It's great to hear the backstories of all the artists, to find out where they come from, and their approach to creating their music. Homoground is the best!!!
As a closeted trams girl, the podcast is one of the things helping me deal with being in a small town in South Carolina. Hearing all the wonderful queer artists and bands gives me hope that I'll be able to be myself and happy one day. Keep up the great work with the podcasts, all who work on it arresting an amazing job!
I love the variety of artists and the backstories of the artists played. Love the music and the show!
As a member of the LGBT community, this podcast gives me life! It is the soundtrack of my week, and as I am a new listener to the show, I will be listening to back episodes for months. I can't say enough how brilliant, important, empowering, and enjoyable this podcast is. Mainstream music and radio is almost all about heterosexuality, so this source of music from LGBTQ musicians has absolutely changed my life. Thanks Homoground <3 <3 <3
This podcast rules! The host does a good job at balancing a great curation of music with info about what’s going on in the scene currently. Definitely listen
What a great resource promoting the visibility of queer musicians! Even if you take it out of the context of the LGBTQ community, it’s just a great way to discover new artists and great music that you may not have otherwise heard! With a wide variety of musical genres, there really is something for everyone on this podcast, queer or not! Anyone looking for new music and up-and-coming artists should follow Homoground!
Listening to Homoground has always been eye opening. I’ve always loved that the podcast creates a platform for queer musicians. It’s so refreshing to hear genuinely relatable music from like minded individuals. This week, I was featured on the podcast. It was super humbling and I’m so happy to now be a part of this group! Homoground is amazing!
Needless to say, I found this shiny little gem! Gets me through long nights at work, and is now easily my favorite music podcast. I love the variety, which is something I’ve been trying to introduce more of into my life lately. Keep up the good work!
Homoground is like a weekly swirled chocolate-vanilla ice cream eargasm treat with sprinkles, nuts, gummy worms -- ALL the best toppings -- for your ears. As soon as I see that Podcast update on my iTunes, I know that I'm in or a treat. As someone who basically lives on Mars and doesn't live near a major city nor the dispensable free time to go see shows during the week/end, Homoground is PERFECT for me and my schedule. I'm able to discover these amazing, rare queer musical gems and help support them in the ways I can. I'm introduced to (at least!) more than two bands every week that I need to look up on iTunes and buy their album ASAP. Two thumbs way, way up Scantron and Jack Attcha. (And because every flaming review needs some balance, here's some more critique. It'd be great if you guys could include the track list somewhere -- either on the show-notes on the website, or even on the note for the podcast itself. Keep up the awesome!)


By Bju64
Variety of new music you're not going to hear on your local radio. My favorite music podcast.
Great way to find out about new artists
Not only is this podcast a great way to find LGBTQ musicians, but it's also just a new way to discover new music being made in America and abroad.
Homoground is where is it at. Run by people who truly CARE about new LGBTQ artists and their visions, curated excellently and cohesively, and just an overall enlightening joy. Love this podcast so much. Favorite music podcast hands down- perhaps favorite podcast OF ALL
So awesome. You get to hear new artists, exclusive releases, and find out where they're playing live. So so good y'all
Easy to fall in love with, this podcast brings a bit of everything. A great way to find new artists, or a surprising track for your own playlist.
Very cool music. Awesome bands!!
Well done, non-biased hosts give you a variety of great queer artists to choose from.


By Quinn .
So great! Fun, eclectic, something for every mood. Easily my favorite music podcast!