Reviews For MommyBeta

I love this podcast. I listen every week and have heard every podcast. The discussions they have and topics they bring up are things that I am really interested in. They discuss what it is like to be new young mothers. This is not a podcast about where to buy the cheapest diapers, it's a real discussion of parenting topics. I like how there are four women that can really bring difference views and opinions to these topics. I hope they keep up this podcast and the corresponding blog.
I feel like the "fifth mom" sometimes because I relate to these ladies on so many levels... I'm around the same age, my first-born son is the same age as their first-borns, I live in SFBA like these ladies do/did, and I even work in PR like two of 'em! The only difference is I work full-time outside of the home, so while I can't connect with them on some of the issues they face on that front, I do appreciate the time it affords them to write such thoughtful blog posts and produce a weekly podcast that I look forward to hearing. No topic is off the table... it goes from light-hearted to heavy deep serious and they're willing to talk about subjects that women need to hear but may be considered taboo by others. I appreciate the honesty and candidness and I learn so much about what's out there for my son that I really feel these ladies are giving me a leg up on motherhood. Thank you!
First of all I'll say the girls seem nice enough and I tried to like this podcast. I listened to several episodes and more and more I realized that these women have nothing in common with me or my children. I am a married college graduate but that's where my similarities with these women end. I work full time to help support my family and we are struggling to make ends meet. These women are all incredibly wealthy apparently, as they discuss their cross country family vacations, purchase of three new strollers for each family, how much they love to eat at restaurants with their babies, high end clothing they buy for their babies, and spanish speaking nannies. All are stay at home mothers, one works part time at the home. They all agree it's super important to make your own organic baby food at home and several of them also have the time for cloth diapers. Again, it's not their fault they are incredibly privileged. I just have nothing in common with them and nothing they discussed so far has helped me in my life. Want garage saleing tips? Which affordable car seat is best for your baby? Tips for choosing a good daycare? A good brand of generic diapers? Practical affordable sippy cup? If you said yes this is not the podcast for you because these ladies have no idea.
These four ladies do a great job talking about the struggles of becoming a new parent. They leave no stone unturned. Give it a try and you'll be happy you did.
My biggest complaint is that these are far from average women. They talk about their newscaster husbands and trips to Hawaii and getting all the new tech and housecleaning services makes it clear that these are big city ladies and not in touch with the struggles of an average middle class couple raising a baby. Also it sounds like they have toddlers and not babies.