Port Forward Podcast (mp3)

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Wish they didn't use so many swear words. Otherwise I would like it and would give it a higher rating.
The podcast moves right along and from what I heard follows their agenda well. Doesn't feel dry, very entheustac about what they are discussing. EDIT: Came to review it again because there's some great stuff here. The episode "Break it down for me" was all over the place. You guys tackled many topics quickly, and I liked it. Not everything needs to be on a tight script, that was a great episode.
Loads of perspective and insight with great topics and a fun cast - highly recommended!
These guys are fun to listen to. They are also technically accurate in the topics they cover and seem to love podcasting. Check this out if your into Linux podcasts
Met at iOS Dev camp and cool peeps
These guys are awesome, they really know what they are talking about. This is a MUST LISTEN podcast!
Great detail from a very technical perspective. It's refreshing to see a podcast from people who really know what they are talking about rather than from journalists reporting on just the news.