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To listen to this show is to listen to a man die in slow motion while a soundtrack of libertarian talking points plays in the background. That may sound interesting, but I can assure you it isn't.
Just great crazy $#^! every freedom lover ought to be listening to😝 I listen to a lot of liberty podcasts but this is by far the most fun of the bunch! I'm a fan and this is my fave💛 keep it up much love from New Zealand✌🏾
If this is the type of programming that will exist in a free society, then I want to be enslaved forever. Most of the co-hosts are too untalented to have an interesting conversation, but they rarely have an interesting topic anyway. They rarely have topics period. The main crux of the show is to worship the host. Which he claims is moral because it's his private property. Still doesn't make it entertaining. Many libertarian shows aren't interesting because they are educational. This is neither. It used to be both back when Neema was the co-host a half decade ago or so. But this show has fallen hard.
Yeah, about what you'd expect from a crazy shut in in Wyoming. Very full of himself, he's been the only constant on the show. Nobody seems to be able to work with him for very long, and that's pretty telling. It also destroys the continuity of the show. A big chunk of the episodes are him hocking the latest BS app he's crapped out, and playing with it on air, another is that one dude who stripped at the Libertarian convention laughing loudly for minutes on end about something that is not even funny. Then you have the random new co-hosts, if you can even call them that. If you're going to talk into a microphone on the airwaves (yeah, somehow he got on radio...) for that long, you should at least have something interesting to say, or be entertaining. Instead, you'll be subjected to Michael playing you music from his past and him reliving the glory days, and seeking compliments from his acolytes he's brought to the show with him for the evening, rambling about some happening in the fringe an-cap movement, and no payoff to the episodes. The "hosts" talk into the cutoffs for the breaks, they often reference the conversation during the commercial breaks we never hear, and when the cohosts are on their own, Michael will often drop in, and interrupt things, yet somehow manage to make the show even less interesting. He even used to have people call in, when he ran an actually entertaining show. At least in the podcast only days, there was some swearing to cover for the lack of actual content. Oh, and don't forget how many times they screw with audio levels and the like while trying to produce a "show." There are no segments, there is no organization, and it's all just background noise. It's a conversation I would find myself walking away from were I a party to it in my daily life. The flash in the pan that was this show has long fizzled out.
Michael Dean and his weird friends do the best radio. Thanks for your service. Worms!
I enjoy the Feens on a near daily basis. Having voices of freedom widely available on radio broadcasts and podcasts shows the mainstreamness of freedom. Freedom is not just an esoteric idea. The Republican/Democrat model of Statism has owned the mainstream for decades and pushed freedom to the side. Even making themselves in their language appear as champions of liberty, which is a complete joke. The Freedom Feens and their wide array of hosts bring true freedom to the fore and show the fraud that Statism is. They do this with great humor, comedy, critical assessments of current and past events, and lots of wonderful guests. If we are going to continue having public schools and school systems, perhaps they could start their day out with a Feen episode to prepare them for the non-stop barrage of Statism they are being fed by government.
Compliments to all the hosts for having very aesthetically pleasant to listen listen to voices. Lou has a nice low soothing sounding voice. Davi sounds a lot like Jim Gaffigan, in a good way. The Greens are lovely with their accents. Even Michael's raspy unique voice has an appeal of dissonance kind of like Rod Stewart. Oh, and your content is excellent too. Principled and hilarious. Worms!
He's such an ego maniac and full of himself and deludes himself into believing his own bs. He constantly interrupts the other hosts and is critical of others and tries to create drama just to have something he thinks is interesting to say. I bet his co hosts can't stand him in real life.
"This is what radio sounds like now!" Is a mantra you will hear often in episodes of the Freedom Feens. That's because this show is blazing new territory in the sonic universe. I cannot think of another show with; 14+ rotating co-hosts, refreshing and informative discussions on topics that are not even covered in the main stream media, a commitment to truth above all else and a dedication to producing a studio quality recording everytime. Host Michael W. Dean is so dedicated to the quality of his production that he-along with the help of other feens-is even developing his own software to make the show even better. Topics include: "DIY-living", current events, tech, guns, survivalism, self empowerment, propaganda deprogramming, comedy and just about anything. This is a show that I have listened to since before it was on terrestrial radio, I'm still as entertained as day 1! WORMS
I have been listening to the Freedom Feens since shortly after it began, and I have noticed that the show and the hosts have evolved quite a bit in that time. Since they have moved to terrestrial radio, they have matured and tailored their show for a broader audience. However, they have not lost any of the honesty or "macho libertarian flash" that made them so fun to listen to in the beginning. Very quality show. One of the best around.
Freedom Feens bring you the ideas of liberty in a casual manner. The show has a laid back attitude and sounds like two dudes hanging out with some fancy microphones. Once you start listening you realize that these guys really do have a great understanding of the concepts of liberty at a philosophical level while sounding cool with their creamy radio audio. Plus cats. Liberty and cats.


By Ikefeen
The Freedom Feens are live call in show on Saturdays and Sundays that can be heard on or local radio. I have been listening to then since they were an internet only podcast and can't miss a show as the content is that good. Listening to the Feens is like enjoying a craft beer inside a warm cozy bar nestled in the mountains of an unforgiving wilderness while old man winter beats at the door. It's a safe haven from the violent statist world outside the door. A safe haven that won't convince you the answer is to stockpile ammo and rations and keep you head down. The Feens are uplifiting, positive, inspiring and informative without being an off the deep end conspiratorial show. The hosts play well off each other and are true renaissance men who are not restrained by a lack of life experiences to only talking about the latest "tyranny today". That they are both voluntaryists is icing on the raw milk cake in a world where cakes are made with gubmint milk and franken ingredients. This is one of the first liberty base shows that can truly stand on its own live broadcasting on any AM/XM station. Give them a listen and you'll be a fan for life. Worms.
I love most of the shows and show host. I do however hate the consistent commercial breaks. These breaks really kill the flow of the show. There's nothing wrong with advertisers but breaks every10 minutes is a bit much


Cool show ... Not at all stuffy.
This podcast is fantastic. It's informative, empowering & the hosts are just plain funny. Don't miss out on truly important information about the evil mess that is the U.S. Government. Also, check out their documentary, "Guns & Weed" it's fantastic.
Interesting, engaging, and accessible podcast. A real bit of fresh air in the swamp of left/right political podcasts.
I agree with the ideology 100% and the production values on the cast are the best I've heard on the net. Great sound quality and solid editing make the ideas easier for people who unfamiliar with them to digest. The topics aren't the standard ones covered in most liberty oriented podcasts too, and when they do overlap with more commonly covered subjects the Feens do it better.
There is simply never a dull moment or topic on this podcast. From the first time I heard these guys, I catch almost every show. Check them out, you won't be dissappointed. Infact, you may become a feen for it, a freedom feen!
I have been in the "Liberty movement" for about 5 years now, in that time I have listened to many alternative media shows and podcasts. These guys are definitely in my top 3. They are funny, down to Earth, entertaining, and informative. As an internet podcaster myself I learn a lot from these guys, not just in the anarchy realm but also in the audio/technical aspects of preparing for, creating, and producing a show. Keep up the good work guys I love ya!
I started listening to the podcast after discovering the movie Guns and Weed. I was already open to the ideas of liberty when I discovered these guys, but I had not spent much time thinking about the practical side of liberty, which Michael and Neema discuss regularly. But aside from liberty talk, these guys have some really interesting things to say about music, filmmaking, media, current events and more. If human freedom is important to you, and you like to be entertained, listen to this show!
I don't even like cats. There's just something about this podcast that sticks with you. I love the satirical comedy about serious issues. It's almost like these guys will make you laugh when you hear the word "drones". It's so cool to just relax and listen to a wicked funny window into the soul. Give it a try.
Before I listened to the Feens, i didn't know i was a statist. After i listened to the Feens, i saw statism everywhere I looked. Michael and Neema host one of the most entertaining liberty podcasts on the internet, i want to hear these guys on XM in my car someday. Powerful stuff! -Isaac
I listen to a lot of podcasts centered around freedom philosophy, and while many are entertaining, they start to sound very similar, with a few exceptions. After a while, you get tired of discussions of politics, economics, war, drugs, and guns. Michael and Neema discuss all that, but they also give a much more casual, entertaining, wide-ranging show that grows on me every week. Check out Anarchy Gumbo, too.
every once & a while i surprise myself with a great random find on facebook ... i am hoping to finally download a few of these so i can sort through the content at my convenience. keep up the great work gentlemen!
This is a great show. You are guarenteed to open your horizons and learn. Can not reccomend enough!!!
If you're new to Libertarianism and kinda like Ron Paul, this podcast may scare you. Nevertheless, you wont run the other direction. Michael and Neema will draw you in with enough respect to actually start to believe Zero government might be even better than the limited amount Ron Paul speaks of. Getting there form here is the challenge and I look forward to each cast to hear if this requires a complete reboot or can it be done incrementally via non aggression principles. Ideal for long solo drives where you need to think
I think I quit smoking pot before Neema was born, but these guys pushed me over the edge from minarchist to anarchist and helped me form my attitude into a consistent philosophy. Plus they are a lot of fun to listen too.
These guy have a full understanding of the NAP but are still very down to earth. Very entertaining!
I have been listening to Freedom Feens for a while now. Each episode is entertaining and enlightening. Freedom Feens challenges the listener to think for themselves and to question the what and why of government. A definite need to subscribe to if you consider yourself alive and breathing.
The entire staff of Bad Quaker Dot Com agrees, the Freedom Feens Rock. We strongly recomend their SEO series. Great stuff.
I'm not a guns and weed guy, and I never gave the podcast a chance until FAR too recently. It's now one of just 3 podcasts I make appointment audio. Totally smart, informed, direct, and reasonable. Filled with "ah ha!" observations. Do yourself a favor and listen! Thanks to Neema and MWD for all the great content!
these guys do one of the most entertaining and informative casts I've heard in a while. I lived a life very similar to Michaels, minus the hard drugs. If you are into personal freedom and individual rights/natural rights, love your country but hate the government, this might be a good show to listen in on.
Each week, I'm growing to enjoy this podcast more and more. It's like being a fly on the wall listening to a discussion of a wide range of liberty issues between two guys who are clearly really good friends. Each week, the hour goes by way too quickly. Michael and Neema discuss everything from guns to prohibition to hip hop (which is not my thing, but I like it anyway) to whatever is in the news that catches their fancy, or their ire. Yet even in this casual discussion format, they stick to core libertarian/anarchist principle: NAP, guns don't kill people, governments do, we own our bodies and therefore have the right to put or not put whatever we want in to them… etc. I'm a big fan of all the Mises podcasts, which are educational, informative and serious for the most part. Michael and Neema show that anarchists can have fun as well. Seriously, add this one to your list of freedom podcasts. You won't regret it. Oh yeah, one more thing. The sound quality is fantastic, and they stick to an agenda for each cast, so while it is informal, I've never heard any inane rambling.
thorn daddy lol
Very informative, touching on topics that everyone and their mother needs to hear. It's hard to touch on topics that are critical to the shaping of society today without sounding too serious or over exaggerated, but Mike and Neema do it, and do it well. A nice fresh breath from the basic news outlets and the Alex jones' of the world. The "blog" is great as well with further reading or extended learning and cool VIDEOS for us slackers here in podcast land. I'm a regular listener and big supporter of these gentlemen and all they are involved in.
These guys present a point of view which may be off the beaten path (way off the "mainstream" path) in an insightful, well reasoned, and rational way. The conversation is sharp yet witty. I enjoy the respectful, educated, and well reasoned way in which ideas are promulgated and conventional wisdom put on trial. Well worth listening to and supporting.
Michael and Neema have a serious winner on their hands this time. Always something fresh and new, never boring, and for once a liberty minded show that doesn't just preach to the choir. A welcome break from the over the top scare tactics that are so common with shows geared toward the liberty movement. Michael and Neema simply tell it how it is, with a colorful dose of humor of course, and leave the majority of the thinking up to the listener. Great job guys, looking forward to future episodes, and of course more original music!
Two guys saying what they think is important, fun until such time comes where it cannot even be said anymore
One spits rhyme and the other screams punk but both share common sense truths that aren't commonly spoken with such passion, respect and clarity. This is a thinkers show. If you aren't careful, I guarantee you'll learn something.
If you want a new and interesting look into the ideology behind Freedom and Liberty, you have got to check these guys out. Not only do they engage relevant topics with a thorough understanding and knowledge of American history and prevailing philosophies of the Libertarian lifestyle, but they are funny and candid. No matter where you lie on the spectrum of wanting a freer society there is definitely something for you to gain from listening to these Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi... and you might be lucky enough to hear some good music on there too....