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The one and only podcast that I will _always_ listen to the day it appears in my feed, and which never fails to make that day better. Seriously, I thought I wrote this review long ago, but evidently not.
I have listened to the entire series more than twice over, and I just started a third go through.
Best podcast of 2015!
Great job Dennis and Kevin!
My cousins are just really great at making podcasts.
...could you please improve your sound quality. it kinda sounds like you're in a large room using one mic. they aren't that expensive, buy a couple more and a cheap mixer, it'll improve your sound 1000 per cent. but, smart, funny, informative, i do really like the show...
I love listening to this show, it is clever, and funny. I feel smarter listening to it and entertained at the same time. My only complaint is that I have to wait so long between episodes, but the new mini-episodes are great. Please keep them coming!
It's super entertaining and makes me want to retake history class.
Fast paced and clever, always a treat. Quickly becoming one of my favorite podcasts. Matt Carvin
I woke up one morning, and realized that it was the day of my big test. I was pursuing my doctorate in Complete World History, and I'd never attended a single class, or read a single book. I panicked, looked up history podcasts, and this one came to my attention. Thanks to these hilarious people, I passed my test, and I now know everything that's ever happened, and some of what WILL happen. Pro-tip: It ends in neither fire, nor ice. Listen to this podcast.
This podcast is hysterical and filled with wonderful and strange facts!
This crowd's humor is very much in the spirit of Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me, but without feeling quite so much like a performance. Looking forward to seeing how this show evolves.
It's chock full of interesting factoids, ranging from ancient history to pop culture. Every episode I learn something new, and it's all wrapped in witty back-and-forth banter.
I happened to be listening to the 2nd episode on the subway. My bouts of laughter earned me many funny looks from my fellow passengers.
Funny British panel show format, by nerdy New Yorkers. If you don't know what a British panel show is like, think "Whose Line Is It Anyway". Great dialogue, good editting, and they're coming out pretty reliably.
This is as entertaining as any pro podcast I've listened to, and I passed up episodes of This American Life and Stuff You Should Know to keep listening to all four episodes on the drive from Rochester to Boston. Keep up the good work, guys! Very funny, very clever, and halfway educational. The sound quality gets noticeably better after the first episode.