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The hosts pride themselves on disagreeing with each other and still neither of them come up with good advice. Neither of them seem to understand the question half the time. They are judgements land spend too much time on confused tangents.
This podcast is the reason I switched from subscribing to the Slate Daily Podcast to only subscribing to specific Slate feeds. These two often don't understand the technology they're speaking about and usually have dated or just irrational opinions about what etiquette should be applied to the technology they're discussing.
I'm sure both Farhad Manjoo and Emily Yoffee are wonderful in their individual roles, but covering the subject of digital manners they both seemed to go off track. Fahad makes the mistake of assuming his preferences and expectations of the internet are the same thing as manners and Emily fails to take him to task when he goes awry. If you're looking for manners, you'd be better served relying on a more traditional source and adapting it yourself.


By Leebek
So it's now mid July and there have been no new Manners podcasts since mid May. What gives?
I notice that it's been two months since the release of the last episode in this podcast -- discontinued or just on hiatus? On the plus side, the podcast will on occasion discuss topics that I find genuinely interesting. And it's reasonably short, making it convenient to listen to. On the negative side of the ledger, I have not been all that impressed with the two podcast participants, Emily Joffee and Farhad Manjoo. I can understand why Joffee and Manjoo would want to impart a sort of unrehearsed, banter-like feel to the podcast, but they seem to have gone too far in the other direction -- too often it seems as though they have given no real forethought to whatever topic they are covering, and their conversations seem to meander all over the place. Finally, the subject matter of the podcast is supposedly about how behavior should or should not be affected by our use of new technology; the problem is that Joffee, while not exactly a Luddite, sometimes seems annoyingly obtuse when it comes to a desire to even try and understand the implications of this or that digital innovation.
Good job, Emily and Farhad!
I like how Emily and Farhad come to most questions from completely different directions. They have good discussions and give mostly good advice in the end. My only wish was if the podcast went a bit longer. They should tackle two or three questions a week and go for 20-30 minute podcast. These podcasts under 10 minutes are almost not worth it.
First off let me say I love both Manjoo and Yoffe. "True Enough" is a genius work that should be required reading, and "What the Dog Did" is hilarious and touching. Now that I can complain without seeming like a total naysayer, here we go: This podcast is trivial and pointless. My rule of thumb is that if a reasonable person could give you the answer to a "dilemma," then there doesn't need to be a discussion about it. (I have the same problem with the various "Ethicist" columns you see everywhere now). Is it okay to tout your accomplishments on Facebook? Yes. Should you have a conversation with someone while listing to music on your earbuds? No. There you have it. No need to listen any further. Combine that with the fact that the attractive Ms. Yoffe has, shall we say, a voice for print media, and the whole thing becomes cloying quickly. Let's hope these two super-bright and talented folks find a more incisive way to critique digital media.
So nice to have discussion and insight into topics that are so much at the heart of our daily lives as we navigate this fast-paced and ever-evolving technological world. So many of the traditional ethical mores are being challenged by new advances in technology. I think that it's vital we have some form of conversation regarding this and the hosts do so expertly. Thus far the topics have ben relevant and the commentary insightful. I can't wait for more!
Great podcast. I like the fact that addresses questions that I ponder everyday in a concise format. Great Job!
I'm already hooked on this one. Emily and Farhad stake out thoughtful positions on today's 'new rules' of civility and let the listener decide who is more convincing. Always a bonus to learn a little something , all the while being entertained and amused.