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Pit pass is for me the modern day version of cycle news, I get info on all the racing, get to hear from racing hero’s my personal favorite is Roger DeCoster, coming up in the 70’s I would watch to videos at the Suzuki shop over and over. What a honor it would be to meet him, but through pit pass I get to hear his updates and from personal friends like Jake Lewis, he is a down to earth Kentucky boy, but that’s the way he was raised by his dad Bobby, sorry to be so long a awesome podcast one I look forward to every week, thank you from Kevin Cummins Princeton Kentucky


I look forward to downloading the show every Tuesday; and when I don't get it, I regret it. The show not the sushi.


By PGH 12
I like the show but cant stand to listen because there is a constant high pitch beeping in the background. Its on every show. Anyone else have this problem?
The boys consistently bring on the current and leading folks in the motorcycle industry to keep us informed and up to speed. Good job guys! Great show!
Great interviews and insights into motorcycling and motorcycle racing.
Pit pass radio is a great podcast that features a lot of motorcycle industry people from all sorts of riding styles. Real good road race and MX coverage as well as AMA issues. Keep up the good work.