Reviews For Pool Party Radio

I've been listening to these two since they were a radio show in Dayton, OH. After over 250 episodes without music I have to say that I don't miss it. These two goofs bring the comedic goods. Why don't you take a dip? Because this pool rips.
Here you go Parker, I hope you enjoy this review. More of The Producer please! Kill yourself.
Thanks for having me on the second time and letting me trash all the popular presidents like Lincoln.
Hey Parker and Frisbee, someone's still listening on iTunes, on my iPhone. You got a good thing going, don't become suicidal
Feel real good bout it
Has anyone offered a f' style yet? Here's one I read as a kid when I sneaked my dad's 30th anniversary playboy. I grabbed that on in particular because it was the thickest. More babes, you know. So at the time I was aware of the the I read it for the articles joke. I ended up in the advice section here someone asked about some move called fish f'ing. So what you do is you and your partner tie your hands behind your back, and you make whoopy. This really stuck with because this seemed weird adult stuff, but looking back it's probably some kind of dumb frat game. Let us know how it works out. Hey Frisbie, you can try it too. Y'all go get some stink on that hang low. Arseniooooooooooooooooooooo Halllllllllllllllllllll!
... as long as you ignore the fact that Parker wants to shoot everyone in the face, and that Frisbie suggested on last week's show that we reinstitute literacy tests for voters. Maybe it was all that time Frisbie spent in Gaza?
ParkGWAR BeauMAN and Razorclouds Facebabes Sawface Frisbiebabes do a great job talking to each other about stuff I find relevant to my interests. Normally those queermos at iTunes delete my obscene negative reviews for podcasts, but I got nothing but good things to say about Pool Party Radio!!!
I love your show!!! I saw you had 59 ratings. You needed a nice even number. Much love <3
Good variety of topics, pacing, content. Enough Lolz to listen every week. Fuckstyle - Power rear-entry with gentle neck biting, like a turtle.
I am woman, hear me roar! J/K, I'm a dude. This podcast owns butts far and wide and breaks new ground for the disenfranchised and hellhound. Flowers will bloom and penii harden from flaccid to tumescent. Bleed!
Parker is a cutie
This show rocks my face. That Jason Frisbie guy is a star. The other one is ok too.
If you want to listen to a mediocre podcast, check out Aisha Tyler. If you want to listen to a podcast you'll like, listen to Radiolab. If you want to experience a podcast that makes love to your heart and your mind, get into Pool Party Radio. It feels like I'm getting Eiffel Towered by Parker and Jason every week. And I love it. I love getting Eiffel Towered by Pool Party Radio. - Jamison M.
The show is great! Don't take my word, Listen for yourself!!!
This is a great show. Its Parker and Firsbee, and they talk about a lot of random stuff, but its topical and pretty cool I guess. I enjoy them. Firsbee also talks on some other podcats like Badland Girls, so you might know him from there. Parker is also on Junk Food Dinner, which is an awesome show too. Listen to these guys, they are appropriate for you.
In each episode of Pool Party Radio Parker Bowman and Jason Razorman Frizman tell us all about how miserable it is to be alive with their stories of Satan monkeys in Oklahoma, Chev Chelios, and that time Parker was on the Maury show because his teen daughter, Kim Kardashian, was out of control and starring in a reality show on E! with Bruce Jenner. Overall, I feel that Pool Party Radio deserves six stars.
My favorite opening song of any podcast. Parker and Jason are really good together. This podcast is nice and loose. A perfect mind vacation from work.
chukle ponts maek me potcats. apple whiskery ahaha ok julian sants 4 lief.
This is a funny podcat. I like the TV special episodes they do -- they change it up and keep a great variety on the show. The only thing that doesn't change is that it is funny and enjoyable consistently. I look forward t listening every week. Thanks Pool Party Radio!!
This Podcast Is Like Ear Porn And Will Leave You Moist Like Jesus Toes.
What the hell is this podcast about? What is going on here? Episode 114 is really bad. Five stars! Keep up the good work. cheers, Rustyn
I like all the guys on here while we are at the pool chlorine especially Jizzzazzle Frizzazle Bazzle and incredible Parker.Keep it on going guys but not always only guys.Chris Hansen clean the pool guys.
Popular culture for me.I feel that this party is best but did not bring trunks.
I wrote a review for this and I don't see it here because I guess iTunes was afraid of the "A" word so screw you iTunes this show is five stars and Chuck You Felios.
Hands down best podcat I have ever petted or eskimo kissed.
know that your podcast is the number one podcast amongst guys at my house. Happiest 100th episode to you. Looking forward to 100 more. After that, you can stop. Enough is enough, already. Keep up the good work, doooodz!
I prefer the illogical Contraption program, but whatever...
I'm only leaving a review because Parker was begging for more double-digit reviews on the latest episode. I started listening to this after listening to Junk Food Dinner to cope with Parker withdrawal -- I'm not sure why but for some reason he's a funny guy. After that my favorite Pool Partiers are (secondly) Muhammed the Intern, and in (a distant) third Jason Frisbie. People should listen to this show -- they might not know why they would want to at first, but give it a second shot, it will grow on you, and you'll keep coming back for the irreverent and usually irrelevant humor.
This podcast is so good it reminds me of how awesome Kissing Contest is...
This podcast is the best and you should listen to it too. Love from Hide The Bodies
Just Great.
because iTunes won't let me give it six stars.
I love these guys the way Sting loved that lady he sang about in "Every Breath You Take." Funny dudes, total babes, and I learn something new at the end of each episode (really! Their Lightning Round is very informative).
Great show, always entertaining! There you go, Parker. Now tell us about the time you killed someone.
and I approve of this show.
Its good to know that in an age of information overload like the Internet and 24-hour cable news cycles there is an outlet like Pool Party Radio that brings me all the important news I need for the week. These cats are the muckrakers of podcasts. without them, I would be stuck in endless Turner and Murdoch butt-hurt.
This show rules.............ok have a nice day.
"What?" he asked.... The answer?!? Pool Party, tonight, on my iPod! One of my favorite podcast. Parker and Frisbie are some funny dudes. I really love "The Good, The Bad, The Ugly" segments that you guys do. Keep 'em coming, gents!
They got chips! What can I say? Pool party, it's a cool party! If your a fan of the casual style general topic podcast than this little ditty is right up your alley. Parker and the Frisbee bring on the general chuckalry for an hour every week. 10 thumbs up! ps - Now Do Me A Solid & Review Prehysteria 3 on JFD!!!
This is a great new podcast! Love the segments!
I have enjoyed all that I've heard so far very much. All except for the slam on Rand Paul. :) keep it up fellas. I would enjoy longer lightning rounds very much so! And hope to do a guest spot maybe someday. Brosef?
I wish that my local stations would pick this up. I love hearing Parker and the Frizz in the mornings, and their mad-cap humor, smart politcal insights and hillarious prank call segments get the blood rushing to my face and bring tears to my eyes (through heavy laughter). The perfect way to start a day!
I started listening to Pool Party Radio through Parkers other podcast Junkfood Dinner which is another great podcast. Pool Party talks about everything from saved by the bell to ghosts. The show cracks me up if your looking for something funny to listen to while your working this is the podcast for you and my solid for the Pool Party Podcast is to have to watch and review "Backdoor to Chyna" starring the wrestler Chyna on either Pool Party Radio or Junk Food Dinner . mwaahaahaa!! i use my solid for evil
So by default it should make you feel good too. Parker's beard makes me wish I was a better man. Great show. Give it a listen.
This podcast saved me from the ravages of boredom. And it's a hell of a lot funnier than one of those Adam Carolla Live podcasts. All except for that Jon Holmes kid. I hear he's nothing but trouble.
Good Stuff...episode 12 best one yet...
In the movie Pocahantas, she says "Hey! You can't step in the same river twice!" And in Snakes on a Plane, Samuel L. Jackson says "Hey guys! There's a lot of snakes on this plane!" Both of these apply to Pool Party Radio: no two shows are alike, and there's a good chance Samuel L. Jackson is mad. I dig this show. It gladdens my earholes. To be honest, one of these guys is my brother. I'm not biased though - I totally hate him. I listen to the show because our mom as well as my therapist suggest I take a more active interest in his life, and listening to this show is much easier than the mandated weekly phone call. That being said, it's a really good show. I highly recommend Episode 11: Hippie Fight; I laughed really hard and was distracted for a while from the seething anger that wells up whenever I hear my brother's voice. So listen and enjoy it, then review it.
You happy now, J-Friz?
I really like it. I wish you had more women on the show and if the sexism could die down a little bit, that would be awesome. I haven't listened to ALL episodes yet (full disclaimer), but in some of the previous episodes you guys handle gender issues about as well as Anthony Weiner handled his Twitter controversy (is that still topical?). Enjoyed the Saved by the Bell episode - wish there had been some focus on themes or more character-focus, but there's a lot to talk about there. Still a good episode. You guys are doing well. Although Jon Holmes does a lot of dick jokes, his guest performances on the show are impressive. I like the variety of topics - it's always interesting to hear what you guys will talk about this week, and I don't mind the wrestling references in the least. Really enjoy the lightning rounds! Keeps it real!