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I just started listening, and I love it! David Dayen's newsletter mentioned he was going to be appearing on this podcast, so I subscribed. They have interesting guests and ask insightful questions.
I love the female host’s take on everything. She provides an interesting and salient outlook on issues, with a legitimate perspective of concern as a public school teacher. Her brother totally kills this podcast for me though. This guy cannot help himself but virtue signal at every opportunity. We get it, John. You’re “woke”. How about just talk like a person about the issues without interjecting your guilt about being a white male?
Radio Dispatch is a can't miss podcast in my book. I got here from Citizen Radio. I love hearing Molly's stories from school and John's hard-hitting technology and Guantanamo Bay update. They always have interesting and thought provoking guests.
Love this show. Intended to Molly on Page 7 I like the cut of her jib. Enjoying this show very much! Thank you!
Listen if you want to think and enjoy yourself in the process. Love how these two can find interesting things to say about any topic, from terrible NY Times think pieces, to everyday interactions, to the global cycberspying complex. It’s all there, it’s all fantastic. THINK. ENJOY. LISTEN. NEVER SLEEP.
John and Molly are absolutely amazing, hilarious, and somehow able to talk about serious and depressing political issues while conveying a feeling of optimism and hope. They are possibly the most wonderful podcast hosts I've come across.
A truly intelligent gem of a podcast
I love this show, because it stimulates my mirror neurons and makes me feel like a know a lot and that I’m funny!
Like the tittle says. Check it out and you'll enjoy. They are informative and funny as well. They make me wish I got along like that with my siblings.
I love these guys with all my <3. They're the best!!! I get sad every Friday when i realize there will be no Radio Dispatch on that day. team from iowa living in brooklyn. Two of the best hosts online. Great news, awesome interviews, very intelligent.
Siblings John & Molly provide some smart insight on current events & often include underreported stories. Both have a great sense of humor. Their relationship as siblings provides a further element of good-natured snarkiness. I've become a quick fan.
Absolutely love this show, consider it essential. I'm well-read on the topics and news events they cover, but they always have really insightful analyses that I hadn't thought of. Unlike another famous podcast with similar leanings, these two don't screw around but stay focused so it's time well spent.
So great to see young people with guts to tell the truth. Yes, they are kids - under 40, hey. Really learn a lot from listening to them.
I have been listening for over a year and Radio Dispatch is by far the best source of informed commentary on current events. John and Molly have refreshing progressive perspectives and rational arguments, and I find myself agreeing with them virtually on just about every topic. I don't know how they find the time and energy to keep putting out great content, but I hope that it never ends.
Discovered this show from citizen radio and to be honest this show is better. More coverage of important events and what seems like less (vegan talk, atheism, bjj, book deals, begging for members, Jamie's depression about comedy, ect) agenda. They talk about whats going on in this country and what that means for us. Its more than lefty talk, but a real perspective on current events. Thank you for taking the time to make this show and being a hard hitting news podcast.
I've been listening for nearly a year now and I cannot tire of this podcast. Jon and Molly are great to listen to because there is not the sense of left or right cheerleading that is present in many other podcast that discuss tough issues, just plain honesty and calming discourse. This is living room banter that more people need to be engaged in.
I heard John got arrested....where's all the shows?
I love how they bring a funny and human element to some major topics. You get the feeling that you are just sitting down with them, having a few beers, and talking about the issues.
These two are constantly in the streets, getting real stories and bringing it back to us with a measure of indignation required of anyone who sees how much they do and a lopped on condiment of silliness. They should be required listening. Check it out!
Fusion of comedy, politics, and sibling banter. Love it!
what does that stand for (big time rush??)
I used to listen to Rachel Maddow as part of my normal routine, but John and Molly present the important stories faster, funnier, and with more honesty. Definitely a great download for the politically inclined NY comedy nerd!
I continuously enjoy Radio Dispatch SO much, whether they're talking about current political events and problems, the population of men on OKCupid, or the merits and pitfalls of various children's books. :-) The ease of pace and tone is a warm and inviting oasis in the Internet's mess of angry and divided rhetoric (seemingly from everywhere all at once). From the beautiful story of a cancer-survivor's second marraige proposal to uniquely fantastic segments about Dubuque's old-timey small-towny quirks- you will very soon start craving John and Molly's insights on the issues of the day (from Terrorism to mystery dirt piles) and you won't ever look back :-)