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Just not good


Stop interrupting each other. Every time one of the men starts to make an interesting point someone (usually one of the women) runs him over with an uninteresting tangent. It's just almost physically painful to hear the clash of voices. And please stop talking about yourselves. Talk more about South Park.


By JoeyZXD
South Park is a hilarious show with tons of subtle and comedic undertones that this podcast just doesn't do it justice. It's unfunny and awkward.
This was by far my favorite after buzz South Park review. I agree on some things that Steven and Christie talked about especially the "you need a villain to get anything done in the world." Thank You afterbuzz staff, you guys are awesome!
Great pod cast love it
Love listening in each week!
It would be much better if you didn't spend half the time talking about yourselves and I've seen every episode you miss a ton of details but otherwise okay.


By dspiry
Love the show, really like its pretty much NC-17, love that you have women co-host on the show to hear their reaction, love the shock comments that are made, But you do have trouble keeping on topic but I like the tangents you guys go thru now too. So thumbs up from me. Want more shows please.
Love this :D
I'm a big South Park fan and I love listening to these podcasts there funny and exciting I love it :D
This podcast is to funny also kyra is the best she needs to be in more podcasts
Decent show but you guys are weak in your South Park knowledge


By Shcfjj
the few couple of episodes were sketchy, but it just gets better and better. 10/10


Pounded out like a mouler duck
YES PHIL!!! just need jack waz back now
Hey guys thank you so much for listening to the show! More importantly I really appreciate you rating and commenting on our podcast, this really helps let us know what you would like us to adjust or what you would like to see more of. A really big thanks to everyone supporting the show and writing positive feedback, it is greatly appreciated :)
holy cow i love this show and hey to buzz u should do an episode about south park songs before the new episode comes on
It's an good podcast


By Terryd.
Pretty good, but they are far from south park experts.
Yeah Clyde's moms voice is deeper in one episode earlier she was all nice but then she hit woman puberty O_o


By Fish904
It's so cool


By Za6210
First and for most...South Park one of the greatest shows ever invented..Second this podcast is amazing..the guys and girl know so much about SP and they are hilarious to listen to..worth it!!! SO WORTH IT!!!
I appreciate the knowledge of SP these people have, and they are just a fun crowd to listen to :)
How do u download this