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At least I hope the hosts are canucks. Severe problem if they aren’t. I don’t even like the X-Men, but was looking for a issue by issue recap of something in the Marvel world. I still hate the X-Men, but I enjoy this show.

Great way to catch up on the history of the X-Men.
Although I've never been a regular comics reader, I have long been a fan of serial fiction, usually in the form of multi-novel sagas like The Lord Of The Rings, The Dark Tower, The Wheel Of Time, Dune, etc. I started listening based on a friend's recommendation, but after a few episodes, I realized that comics are the ultimate serial fiction, and I have since developed a real love for the Xmen franchise as a result of this podcast. It doesn’t hurt that Adam and Jeremy are a highly entertaining duo. Keep up the great work guys!


By MNafts
Can't stop listening, keep it up.
This podcast is a must for any X fan. A panel by panel commentary where Adam and Jeremy take you on a journey of your favorite X-Men books.
Found it last summer and enjoy listening at the gym or when walking the dogs. It has made me go buy the Omnibus's and reread. Quick question though I'm on episode 95 and am wondering what episode it takes the two of them to realize banshee is Irish and not Scottish. Keep up the good work
And what they do is....entertaining? It is entertaining. Especially if you are an X Men comics fan, I'm just coming up short on a witty pun. You'll definitely love it more than any stories focus on Dazzler that's for sure!!!
Adam and Jeremy have stumbled on a very entertaining formula for their X-Men comics commentary podcast. They both have a goofy and endearing delivery for their read-throughs each week which I appreciate. Unlike other comics podcasts, they don't take themselves too seriously while talking about what, in truth, is a very silly subject. Keep up the good work guys!
Its great! Love the voices!
Spoiler alerts galore. This X-men podcast hosted by Adam and Jeremy, two lovers of the X-men and fans alike, have done an amazing job of creating a podcast that goes issues by issue: episode by episode. This podcast is wonderful for all and they'll even mention your name on the podcast. Carry on and can't wait till you get to the 300's.
I like this show and hearing the opinions of these guys. It kind of gets annoying when they see a word they don't know but bother to look it up before hand. Just prepare and look it up ahead of time. Also, when they imply that John Bolton is a bad artist because they have never heard of him or talk about Dave Cockrum, considered a fantastic marvel artist by most, as "not very good" it gets annoying to people who have been into comics longer than them. Opinion is opinion but come on. Over all definitely worth a listen.
Sooooo here’s the thing. I’ve been reading the X-Men since before the Saturday morning cartoon. I’ve left them for years at a stretch, but I always come back. The X-Men are allegory and parabola. They are a reflection of the real world and the trials and tribulations we all face trying to make our way through— oh wait, actually the X-Men is a hilarious satirical comedy you say? Cool that works too. Basically, what Adam and Jeremy do is remind us that you can’t take life too seriously or you’ll never get out alive! Seriously! That’s straight from my brain I haven’t heard that somewhere else! Yes, we love the X-Men because they do shine a light on real life issues and flaws of society, we love the soap opera and the drama, we love when Wolverine Skits one claw, then two claws…wanna go for three? But when you stop and think about it, these people are running around in tights beating up brightly-colored windbags who always leave some sort of crafty escape plausibility for the infernal death machine traps. Adam and Jeremy inspect every panel, every word, every storyline with love and insight, and when necessary they rip holes across the fabric of Marvel reality and it’s just the most fun you can have with 90 minutes and a pair of speakers (yes, even in your iPhone, there are two speakers to create a stereo field, thats who the audio spectrum works) Does it help to be familiar with the X-Men? Yes, but you don’t need to be. They will take you in a tour of the X-Men’s world and explain every aspect of the characters and their backgrounds but its more than that. These guys just know what it is to love the characters and at the same time see the inherent hilarity in every issue. They’ve honed in on the lighter side of geek culture so perfectly, its just every time they point out something hilarious and have fun with it I think “I know right? Exactly! That’s so ridiculous!” Treat yourself to a couple episodes today. Besides the hilarious nature of the cast, the truly do give full on synopsis of every issue of the Uncanny X-Men starting from issue 1. So in addition to laughing your face off, you’ll get the complete history of the X-Men from the very beginning and become a complete expert, even if you’ve never read a single page! Granted, it’ll take you, like, 300 hours to catch up from the beginning, but hey! What else do you have to do this month? Thanks guys, I just recently discovered this podcast but I eagerly await every episode and all of my commutes are filled with the sound of past episode’s great character voiceovers you do while narrating the action. Get started on the Danger Room today!
A great accompaniment for anyone making their way through the original X-Men series. Witty commentary that’s approachable to longtime fans and newcomers alike. By far the best comics commentary podcast available. Highly recommended!
Adam and Jeremy have great chemistry, and they’re a lot of fun to listen to. I recently went back and have been listening from the beginning (mostly) in order. Sometimes pronunciations have me yelling at my iPod, but that’s half of the fun! My only real problem with the podcast is the lack of love for Dazzler. Dazzler is everything, and if you don’t agree, then you have no taste. :-D
I love this podcast! It is hilarious, entertaining, and, on occasion, educational! I recommend this to everyone with ears and a love for the X-Men.
I love the danger room podcast! Adam and Jeremy are fun to listen to and their Marvel Girl voices are reminiscent of Marge Simpson and Pinocchio from Shrek! Hilarious!!!!
Adam and Jeremy provide a funny and entertaining retelling of the X-Men. It's not quite as good as Seamus and Candace on the podcast X-Aspirations, but still worth a listen!
I started my own personal quest to read x-men chronologically. Made it to issue 200 then found this show. I have listened from the beginning reliving those terrible first issues. They are like the friends you had at school arguing over the coolest characters every week. Keep up the good work
This is one of the consistently best podcasts out there. Adam and Jeremy have great chemistry and put on a show that is funny, informative and nostalgic. Each show begins with a page by page recap of an x-men comic. When the X-men started to branch out into the marvel universe, the hosts provide a shorter synopsis of the X-mens presence. One suggestion. Around issue 200, The x-men universe is going to start getting really complex (New Mutants, X-Factor, X-Men and Limited Series). Many episodes ago Adam asked for suggestions on how to handle this. How about franchising? Perhaps a complementary podcast by some other guys that could tackle X-factor or New Mutants? Cross overs would be awesome.
A+++ Look futzers It's the best comic book commentary podcast in the world! Extremely entertaining and informative, these guys are the best part about going into work.
Having been an X-Men fan for many years, it's great to re-live the reading memories through Adam and Jeremy. This is a fun listen as they make their way through the rough (and very dated) 1960s issues into the high point of the X-Men in the Claremont years. Worth a listen for any true X-Men fan.
This podcast captures all the fun memories of what it was to be an X-Men fan in the Claremont era (and all the way back to issue 1 with Stan and Jack, too). I'm looking forward to even more insanity when they finally make it to the chromium age of the 1990's.
Adam and Jeremy are great - the podcast is highly entertaining and great to listen to, without it my work days would be a lot more boring and painful. I started reading the collected editions of X-Men a couple months back, and this podcast is great for both commentary on the issues that I have read, as well as filling in the gaps where issues are missing in between the collections that I have. I would recommend this podcast to anyone, X-Men fan or not - these guys are hilarious and knowledgable, so go subscribe and listen!
If you are an old fan, or new to the X-Men, this podcast will bring you more up-to-date then re-reading your backlog. Adam and Jeremy bring insight, outside sources, and HILARIOUSLY SPOT ON VOICE ACTING! From the hokey '60s to the Claremont era and beyond, a great audio companion to a visual medium. Ideal for kids, futzers, and Orphans with eyes, DEADLY, DEADLY EYES!!!!
Especially when you guys get to New Mutants, it really crosses over with the main title a lot, and it's just really good stuff. Keep up the good work!
Adam and Jeremy share their love of X-Men comics by dedicating each episode to one issue. The commentary is both insightful and humorous. A good source for those of us wanting to read all of those back issues but haven't quite found the time.
I've been looking for a good issue-by-issue X-Men commentary. These guys are really funny.
These guys know what they are talking about and have fun talking about it. Heck, even when they don;t know what they are talking about they have fun talking about it. I’ve been listening through their “back issues” and it has been fun discovering the X-Men history along with them. If you are interested in the comic book backgrounds and origins and story lines of the X-Men, this issue by issue commentary is the podcast for you.
I found this by chance and it's awesome. Have been marathoning episodes for about a week now and it hasn't gotten old. Very funny and you don't have to already be an X-Men fan to enjoy this.
I'm at episode 53 right now and can't wait to catch up! I wrote a previous comment not too long ago, but I dropped the f bomb a could times so if you want me to rate again, please drop the f bomb in a episode Hugh Jackman in first class. Zit!
Just found this podcast a few weeks ago. Up to episode 25, love it. Very entertaining and fun to listen to. Keep up the good work.
I recently assigned myself the task of reading every X-Men comic ever. I found this pod after starting my reading and it is great to hear the guys reactions to ridiculous first issues that I am also trudging through currently. I look forward to coming back to these pods as I progress through the series. I like that they go through each issue more methodically and page by page, unlike some other similar podcasts that you can find on the X-Men.
Still Trying to catch up but enjoing every bit of it while driving. Thank you for making my trip to work less boring.
I have had a love of the X-Men since the early ’80’s. Adam and Jeremy starts at issue 1 and discuss the issues of awesomeness and the flaws of the X-Men. From writing and art. Chuckles all around.
Just passed the commentary for Issue #19, slowly but surely making my way through them all. This podcast has definitely caused me to go back and read stories I've never read before or considred to Silver Age-y to give a second look to. Honestly, great job, you guys, hopefully, you can keep it up as I continue through these apparently very old episodes. Or else.
This is a fantastic podcast! Loving it! I want to see or do an Avengers/Spider-man or do the Ultimates in this same format.
I love this podcast. These guys do a great job talking through the comics. Funny and interesting! Keep it up!
Not a hoax! Not a dream! In this review an x-man dies!! Or not. The danger room podcast is a masterfully guided trip down the road of classic x-men comics (not to mention the less than masterfully written "X-Men Classic" line). The dastardly duo of Adam and Jeremy cleverly and lovingly poke fun at the comic series we all love, sometimes despite itself. Beware, laughter within. Until Adam and Jeremy quit the podcast to open a bar that serves only Fastball Specials and variations thereupon, make mine Danger Room!
OMG Awesome!
Exactly the type of podcast I was looking for. Thoroughly entertaining and fun to listen to.
Omg awesome!!!!!
I don't hate this podcasts but I feel that if you're going to do an X-Men comics podcast you should be familiar with the X-Men. Adam and Jeremy often catch themselves wondering who certain characters are or where their first appearances were. I'm talking common comics book facts that EVERYONE knows. I am amazed at how much they get wrong. If they don't know these things its fine but it makes for an often aggravating podcast as I find myself yelling at my iPod every time they get something wrong. They seem like perfectly nice guys... But not real X-men fans. While I like revisiting old issues, I wish the hosts were a bit more clued in. Just my opinion.
I love the X-Men and know quite a bit about the X-Men's history as a whole, but I haven't read each and every issue from the beginning. With this podcast, I am able to experience those comics, issue by issue, often panel by panel, in a really fun way. Jeremy and Adam cover the storylines and throw in tons of great stuff regarding funny ways things were drawn or worded that make it much more fun than simply reading the comics themselves without their commentary (though reading the comics adds to the experience because you can laugh along at their art critiques). Great stuff!
I love this program , fantastic and funny review of every x-men issue , I loved this
Having read the entire X-Men run from #1 to #350-ish, I'm finding this podcast a very enjoyable way to revisit the series. Adam and Jeremy go over the material with a bit of irreverence, but it's in good fun, and they don't truly disrespect the franchise in any way. I'm looking forward to the impending "Dark Phoenix Saga", which is right around the corner. Keep up the good work, guys!
If you want to get into the Old Original X-Men but don't have the money or time to discover it all let Adam and Jeremy do it for you. If you like to laugh at funny voices or Cyclops endless angst over his eyes this is the podcast for you. Don’t worry if you’re new to the podcast, you won’t be able to stop listening and you’ll be caught up in no time. In short this podcast is funny, easy to listen to, and not taken too seriously, all around a five star podcast.
I recently mentioned to a friend that I wished there was a podcast centered on the X-Men like Kevin Smith's "Fatman on Batman". After some searching on iTunes I stumbled upon "The Danger Room". Listening to this podcast brings me back to my childhood reading every X-Men comic I could get my hands on. I can't wait for the guys to get to the "Dark Phoenix Saga" and "Day of Future Past". Epic stories that deserve to be looked at in depth. Keep up the great work guys!
I have been listening to this podcast for about 10 episodes or so. I thoroughly enjoy the voices and the commentary on the comics. Keep up the great work and I will keep listening
As a blind listener, the guys bring this primarily visual media to life with their witty and heart-felt reviews