Slinging Color!

Reviews For Slinging Color!

It is so interesting to listen to a podcast with something different. I started listening to "Slinging Stitches" for the knitting, but I love the Shakespeare segments. Wonderful job!
Great knitting content with a dash of Drama! Delicious!
I really enjoy this podcast. I have only tried listening to one other so far, done by one of the big yarn companies, and it felt scripted and awkward (there were two people doing the podcast). I much prefer Sarah's style. It's like catching up with a friend. It's a good length too, I think. Not too long, not too short - she works with what she has, doesn't try to fill up a specific time slot and doesn't rush through, either. I look forward to it every week!
I am enjoying this podcast...sarah does a great job explaining her current project. she does a brief update on personal life/business. She also is adding in Shakespeare and honestly she is making it so much more interesting then my high school english teacher did. Keep up the great job-sarah
Wonderful new podcast. I really enjoy learning more about Shakespeare. Keep up the good job!! Looking forward to more episodes.
I have so much enjoyed listening to this podcast. The content is well organized and the podcaster voice is pleasing to listen to. The inclusion of the all things Shakespeare is informative and adds another dimension to the podcast. I truly look forward to giving it a listen with each installment.
Sarah is adding magic loop to her knitting repertoire and Shakespeare to her podcast.. Very enjoyable. Did you know he introduced "the accused" into the lingo?
This new podcast is one to add to list of favorites. Sarah brings a down-to-earth, conversational tone to the world of podcasts, avoiding verbal tics and repetition in her speech. Her honesty about being a slow knitter and spinner is refreshing. Hope she does add Shakespeare in some way to her broadcasts.