BirdTalk Radio by Wild Birds Unlimited

Reviews For BirdTalk Radio by Wild Birds Unlimited

I enjoy this podcast my only comment is there is too much non-bird related small talk especially the first 10 minutes or so .. this day in history ect...I find myself switching or fast forwarding ... other than that very informative .
Excellent program. I listen from Kentucky.
I look forward to this podcast each week. Hosted by brothers Scott & David the show is fun blend of bird facts, comedy & witty repartee. Even though the program airs in Colorado and I live in Washington state, there has yet to be an episode where I didn't learn something new about the bird world.
I always learn something from listening to their show. Scott & David keep it fresh and fun. Even the commercials are good. Keep up the good work gentlemen!
I just discovered these podcasts and they are very informative and entertaining! If you love to feed birds, you will enjoy this show!