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By .angel.
One of the best Internet radio...good music and facts about them...
With a different theme each week, these guys play every genre from rock to hair metal to punk to hip hop. They even played an hour of steampunk music once, although they'll never admit to it. They've also got tons of awesome facts that you're never going to hear on the radio. Answer this: How many other podcasts have done a live 24 hour music marathon? None, that's how many.* VIVA LA REVOLUCIÓN! *Pending review by my personal fact-checking team of hyper-evolved squidmen.
The themes are funny, and the song picks for each theme are great!
11th Hour Radio, bringing you the greatest music, humor, and musical knowledge one can't live without. And who brings it? Jose Guzman, master of Stripper Money-Time, and Jason Knize, K-Nice If You're Nasty, The only man I've ever considered to be the sexiest part of a burlesque show he wasn't in.

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Wait, this isn't a podcast about Matt Smith.... oh. Its The Pop tag team Champs Weekly Radiocast, Knize and Guzman 2011 live out there dream of Radio Djing with a great themes everyweek
Want to block the annoying sounds of fellow commuters? Want to make your commute home or to work quick and painless? The 11th Hour Radio boys are here to rescue you. Every week they infect your earholes with the sounds of joy as they turn out great music and facts so that you may ignore that bum on the train asking you for change. Each week has a new theme and each week presents a new adventure in audioland. Listen to Knize make fun of the brown guys english. Join the chat every week where everyone else makes fun of the brown guys english. Great music....good laughs..what more do you need. Come join the revolution. Viva La Revolucion!
Do you like awesome music? Do you like fun facts about awesome music? Do you like 2 wild and crazy guys hosting a show playing and giving facts about awesome music? Well look no further because this is the place for you! If your answer is no to any of the previous questions you're more than likely a communist that kicks puppies and clubs baby seals. Why do you hate America?
The 11th Hour Radio is better than you. You can't help it. It is out of your hands. The only thing you can do is listen to the show. The 11th Hour Radio will help you to be the best you that you can be. Just close your eyes as they spray your face with awesome.
11th Hour Radio is one of the shows I look forward to the most each week! The hosts are fantastic, and no matter the weekly theme you're always guaranteed a mix of great music. Give them a try, you won't be disappointed!