Reviews For The World and Why

Hey, it's like the band staind. Acousta nu metal. But guys an episode will drop and it's worth the wait. A man. A plan. Get crackin'. It's nuts. Get up.
Drunk guests = good podcast.
This is such a tremendous podcast. Great for date advice, sex tips, rape inquiries, and just everyday things you need to know in a world full of questions. Brad the host is a handsome manly produce salesman. Say hi !
i like your show. it makes me happy. i like to listen to it while i poop an grow my beard. i live with my friends family and thier son. thier son is my friend. i met him in a red building.
I love this podcast!! It's so fun and good and great. And I'm not the host, Bradley either. Being as how I'm not the host, and I love it, thats something! A plus number one! I'm not Bradley at all. I swear!!
fun and excitement for you and the whole family! Wild rides down extremely ammusing tubes of justice. you laugh, you cry, you sometimes just have to go to the bathroom. you can listen with your ears and learn about this world... and well, why. so whyyyyyy not listen to it. it gives you knowledge. and knowledge equals experience! Its 3 am, this podcast gets all the stars.


I thought this podcast was about Rick Ross but it's not :(
Dizzo is a great host. always funny and sweaty. it makes me happy and excited and feel drunkish, but in a teen girl sort of way. Love, Tim
I am so impressed. This podcast was informative and entertaining. Makes my soul tingle five stars