Mas•ter•piece The outstanding work of art or craft. I couldn't match a beat to save my life. I tried to play one instrument in my life and sucked at it....but I'm a big fan of music and believe music is life. I'm also a BIG fan of DJ PANIC CITY! There is ok, average, good, great, elite and then there are those that are special...,this guy is just that...I've seen all the greats spin live over the last 12 years and this cat will go down as one of the best to ever get behind the decks...I didn't get to see him spin live until recently and I thought he was dope before that but watching him on spin a set live...thus the MASTERPIECE! It also doesn't hurt to be a nice guy fan friendly and I encourage everyone to spread the word that him and his PIC are taking over and if ur not a fan listen to him play or watch him live and you will be! #fanforlife
Panic is always on top of it. Keep up the hard work, you can def hear the quality :) #thumbsup!!! -rJAY
These mixes are great, and they don't even begin to showcase how sick Panic City is on the decks, but you should DL them all the same. Check out Less Than 3 by URFRIENDS, or get out to the club and check things out.
These guys really know how to drop jaws. If you're crazy about EDM, this is definitely a podcast to subscribe to. Their ability to mix effortlessly, combined with original remixes leaves a listener in awe. I commend these guys for putting heart into a genre of music that was once obsolete. Whether it's bumping these mixes in my car or taking a jog around the block, Blacklight Sessions brings me to a point of pseudo-ecstacy, pure bliss. This is art yo, listen and get inspired... These guys do it right.
Awesome podcast! This guys have awesome song selection that will make you want to dance off your seat!!! Plus side, they include their own remixes in the mixes which are currently getting high praises. I suggest that you subscribe to Blacklight Sessions. You won't regret it.
I love these mixes! They choose songs from some of the best house DJs right now, but I also love the ones that DJ Panic City and DJ Mega Man make themselves! These songs are great for a Saturday night but it's also good for my workout! Can't wait to hear more! =]
i hope you enjoy the mixes as much as i do! follow me on twitter @djpaniccity - lets be friends!
I'm usually not into house music, but the way these guys play it and the songs they choose are top notch! Thanks fellas, great for the gym too! subscribing to hear what u guys come up with next! keep it up!