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AJ is a natural at being a podcaster. She seems to really know how to do it right. No silly giggling. She does not sound like shes on a depessiant. Best of all,she makes you feel like shes a good friend!
A very unique knitting podcast. I listen for the knitting content but also enjoy the reviews of tea. The sound quality is excellent. One thing I REALLY like about this podcast is the honesty. If the podcaster finds a fault with a pattern she says so.
Such a great podcast. I'm from the same area and love hearing about the shops and events in our area. Thank you for all your hard work!
I really enjoy listening to your podcast! Keep up the fantastic work! I adore you! --Jana "Knitting in the Red"
This is a fun little podcast. I say little because AJ keeps it all under control. The sound quality is good, she has a great voice, many insights, and spins a good yarn. She seems to know what she's capable of producing and she produces it without fanfare or attitude; in short, I think the podcast and the podcaster have much in common: both are down to earth and fun! Another reviewer used the word charming to describe AJ and her stories. I think that's spot on. This is a charming podcast, well worth the time and well worth the accolades.
Really enjoy this podcast - funny stories, about knitting and about life, told in a charming, easy to listen to voice. Love the overlap between real life and knitting and, at 20 to 30 minutes each, these podcasts are the perfect length, too.
Enjoyable podcast and hostess has such a calming voice. Great job!


Podcast is alright but the sound quality if horrible. I had to stop listening to the 5/22 episode b/c I couldn't hear it clearly and the volume on my device was turned up.
This is a real podcast put on by a real person. I love that. I really enjoy you talking about tea and your spinning. Keep up the awesome podcast, I look forward to hearing you next week.