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Good conversation about life, art and living with this mental affliction we call cartooning. Mike does a great job finding and interviewing the people who are making the most interesting work today.
TCJ Talkies continues to be one of my favorite podcasts. Really the only one like it as its main competitors, Inkstuds and Comix Claptrap, come at it from really different angles. Good mix of nuts and bolts cartooning stuff (which I love), funny conversation, and great stories. I'd love to see the following folks on the show: Edie Fake, Sammy Harkham, Eddie Campbell, either Hernandez brother, Josh Bayer, Jordan Crane, Marc Bell, Gary Panter, Gabrielle Bell, Frank Santoro, Brandon Graham, Ryan Cecil Smith, Liz Suburbia. just to name a "few" Mike, I have to say though, that music at the end drives me nuts. That's my only complaint.
I discovered this podcast after the second or third episode. I've been a subscriber ever since. Mike Dawson has a genuine enthusiasm for the independent comics scene. He knows what he's talking about when interviewing cartoonists. Whether he's championing artists who are new on the scene such as the recent graduates of the Center for Cartoon Studies in Vermont or introducing veteran cartoonists like Howard Cruise to a new audience, Mike's podcast delivers time and again. I frequently que up past episodes while I'm at the drawing table. My only complain would be that I really preferred the original theme music to the later fogey rock which was added after the third episode. The high energy of the original really set the tone for the snappy banter to follow. Fortunately iTunes let's you set a start and end time for tracks so I just start the podcast 20 seconds in. I look forward to hearing what Mike has in store in future episodes. He's barely scratched the surface of a little explored subject. I hope there are many more to come.
I'm only going on the basis of the Dorkin interview so far , but Dawson's easygoing confidence on the mic together with his insider insights into the comic making craft really made this a very absorbing listen. Dorkin is a fascinating subject and really opens up. I've got a very short list of Podcasts I have time to listen to and now this one is on it.