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Mark is awesome!


This is probably the best vehicle for the transformation of the Mind, Body and Soul. Holding the Truth above all where it rightfully belongs.
I've been going down the rabbit hole for quite some years now, studying the evils of the banking industry, pharmaceutical industry, police and military, the youth indoctrination institutions called "schools", and so many other pieces of the puzzle that is what on Earth is happening, but I have to say, this podcast series is the single most comprehensive exposé on occulted (AKA hidden) knowledge in our present world, as well as all of human history leading up to now. Mark brings in aspects of psychology, spirituality, morality, and after listening to all 196 episodes, it's hard to support the existence of government or any of its tentacles that it has in every aspect of our lives. No, not even for the roads. Government (AKA mind control) is the very thing stopping us from having antigravitic propulsion vehicles in place of ground-bound wheel-based vehicles and thus necessitating roads for commuting. I highly recommend anyone who's ever had so much as an inkling that there's something not right about this world to listen to this entire podcast (all 196 episodes) and watch how it'll blow your mind as your eyes open to the undeniable truth of what's really taking place here on this planet. Feel free to skip through the intro's and the ad's, as the will get tiring real fast, but honestly tune into the content of the show and truly digest the information, see what your role in the machine is, and course correct. It's not easy, but the survival of humanity deponds on it. Thank you, Mark, for all of your hard work, studying, compiling, and dedication to help get this very crucial information out there to people!
I've can't even put into words how much I've learned from Mark thank you for doing what you do.
I have taken in every bit of the teachings of Mark Passio that I could get my eyes and ears on. His delivery is one of a kind, and I have great respect for his straight forward approach Life changing information that is essential to every human on this planet in my humble opinion.
What a very harsh presentation! Sure stuff needs to be said, but WOW. I've heard much of this kind of info before, said in a way that was blunt but not so harsh, yet not sugar coated either, but everyone expresses themselves differently. I never heard anyone say some of the things he said.
Thanks to Mark Passio's knowledge and bravery to so eloquently present this misunderstood information I am much more adept to weave through this tangled up Reality with confidence rather than utter confusion. His work is thorough, coherent, authentic and in my opinion he exudes compassion while at the same time refusing to be dulled down by the mind controlled systems of modern times. I have never felt more connected to myself and the world, or felt more ready to Stand up for my fellow man. Cheers to those out there willing to courageously help thin the veil of ignorance holding the human species back from its true potential as Super Beings! Eternally Grateful for this collection of work.
Kokesh/Passio 2020
This show has really changed my point of view about the world OUTside of me and INside of me. I knew about various conspiracies before but Mark brings everything together in a coherent and deep way where you will understand the world around you and inside of you. Highly recommend this show to any open mind. Start from podcast 1 and go all the way through. Do the work, you will be rewarded.
Excellent show. Mark is one of the best
Excellent podcast with Mark Passio, a former priest of Satanism who had a crisis of conscious and is now exposing the knowledge that dark occultists keep secret in order to create a power differential between themselves and the rest of humanity. Mark is an impassioned speaker and possesses a vast knowledge base which he uses to make complex subjects like consciousness easier to understand. This podcast is one of a kind and should not be missed.
If you want the truth you need to listen to this podcast from the beginning to the end. You will learn about the hidden agendas if the ruling elite that you will not find anywhere else.
This host talks about the importrance of the truth, then he discards it for himself. Ex. He says that in the Kennedy assasination he is "sure" the Federal Reserve was involved. HIs proof: none, just him saying so is enough. He says they wanted him killed for wanting to create interest free money. I have heard over a dozen "reasons" why Kennedy was killed and it always suits the political agenda of whoever happens to be speaking at the time. He also believes the Fed will be ending by people showing at rallies. Good luck with that.
Love it, currently acting on curing myself, to cure the world.


By emmik55
I feel his passion and the truth in is messages. I love episode #184 on Neofeminist agenda as a epieugenic operation via mindcontrol targetted at women... me! I see these characteristics on ALL of my girlfriends and now answers my question on why it's becoming more painful to talk to them. Maybe I see this also because I havn't watch TV or read popular newspapers in 4 years... therefore no longer brainwashed. I will find more Authentic Women! Thank you for this podcast!
Mark Passio is very honest, philosophical, spiritual, and knowledgeable. He breaks down meanings of words which makes it very easy for anyone to understand. Start from the beginning and learn how to think freely!


Looking for a fresh breath of air?
I heard Mark Passio interviewed on Republic Broadcasting network today. This guy is serious and has done a tremendous amount of research. He'll have a live show on Republic Broadcasting every Saturday, starting Feb 22nd, 2014. If your local stations don't carry it, you can listen on republicbroadcasting.org or on iPhone/iPads tunein radio app, station RBN.
Thought provoking
Mark is one of the few researchers who has a comprehensive understanding of the spiritual and mental imbalance in this world, the New Age drivel, and understands the true nature of occultism as a tool rather than a buzzword for all the dark stuff that word is unfortunately associated with. There are a few things I disagree with, but they are so minute that they're practically irrelevant. He complains about nitpickers, and that's true, for the most part, but I am a nitpicker who does do my own work primarily through writing. One of my biggest complaints about conspiracy researchers is putting all of the blame on The Illuminati. To me, that's THE biggest piece of disinformation out there. Yes, there are dark forces at work, but it's not The Illuminati. And "Dark Illuminati" is a misnomer. Other than that, Mark's work is fantastic, right up there with Michael Tsarion and David Icke.
Listened to all episodes. Now I'm trying to find more podcasts like this one.
Passio is not only incredibly learned, he is also genuine and impassioned in his delivery OD this amazing content. If you were fortunate enough to stumble onto this man's work, consider yourself blessed. Seriously.
Wonderful stuff. Something I've been searching for my whole life.
I found Mark Passio via Jan Irvin's GNOSTIC MEDIA Podcast. I am so glad I did. This has been one of the most transformative podcasts I have ever listened to. I have listened to every episode. Mark is clear, direct yet compassionate. He does not use a fear based approach to presenting the subject matter. He treats everyone like the grown ups they SHOULD be. Some of the information may "trigger" people, yet I encourage folks to examine what information produces that reaction and learn from it. I feel more "empowered' and confident about being human in these difficult times we live in. We desperately need to learn how to become more aware and take responsibility for helping work towards positive change on earth. I have shared these podcasts with pretty much everyone I know. I don't know what they have chosen to do with them, if they have even listened to them. I understand that many may still not be ready to "hear" what Mark has to say.. and I hope eventually they will be because we honestly don't have THAT much time left (not to put fear into it .. but we do need to get a fire lit under our butts!) Thanks Mark!
Passio really knows what he's talking about.
The guy who does this show (Mark Passio) is simply amazing. You really do need to start this series of podcasts from the 1st one and go forward like he suggests. He weaves together a tapestry of occult knowledge that would take many years and lots of experience (which he has) to accumulate. You really start to get a new understanding of the world we live in and how incredibly corrupt and wrong it is. Like his intro says "Freedom man! That's what it's all about" so free your mind and check this great podcast out. All is Love. Fear is an illusion..... :-)
I stumbled upon this podcast, but now can't wait for new episodes. I think the title of the podcast really gets at the heart of what it attempts to help people understand-- that is, what is truly going on. What is fact, what is fiction and clearing a path for truth and higher consciousness. Really good stuff.
This podcast is essential for anyone seeking the background screen to the human psyche. Mark Passio reveals the symbolism that we react to on an unconscious level, and shows how it is used to thwart our spiritual progress and sound decision-making. Mr. Passio is well-spoken and well-researched enough to help his listeners uncover the volatile information that has been occulted from us for over a century, and now holds us on an invisible leash that separates us from spiritual sovereignty. Keep up the good work!
Mark Passio is one of the most comprehensive and thorough researchers. He analyzes conspiracies from through fact, reason and seeks to explain the why. He has a deep understanding of the occult while backing up his theories with research and facts. He is also easy to understand and listen to. Highly recommend!