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Gweek is an awesome podcast, tons of information, fun facts, interesting guests and lively conversation about things like comics cartoonist, games, toys, geek culture and much more. It’s so much fun, I always look forward to the next show. I hope that you enjoys it as much as I do.
Greet podcast! I always have to pause the podcast so I can write down stuff to go search later. Always interesting.
Mark and his younger daughter are great interviewers! Mark also just goes down interesting paths with authors, artists, and major geeks! Love it!!
I started listening to Gweek when episode 2 came out and I haven't missed an episode since. Great mix of interesting guests and fun stuff to track down.
The greatest Podcast in the cosmos!
Solid, substantial, info-packed podcasts! I've only listened to two podcasts, so far, but Mark Frauenfelder has done a great job of producing a show that's eclectic and interesting in the topics covered, and if you're big on learning new things and getting a little curiosity fix (and you probably are, if you're a BoingBoing fan), you might love this. Great value for your time. :)
Mark's show makes my day when it comes out, he has a great intuition on what is new and cool. Now if he could only tell me how to pay for all this cool stuff he and his cohorts talk about
Real great show, nice work Mark F. Longtime boingboing reader and love the cycle of guests and especially the recommendations!
If I'm not actively at my browser while listening, I have to keep notes for things and people to look up later.
Imagine being able to spend an hour or more every week with some of the coolest nerds around? And I use the term nerd with the utmost respect for all the guys at Gweek. Mark and company are so relaxed and obviously enjoying themselves to the max talking about everything from source code to Uncle Scrooge comics. They are an outstanding resource for new and interesting websites. And their infromal podcasting techniques only make the show that much more enjoyable. There is ALWAYS something they talk about or mention that you will want to explore further.


That's what the blog should be called. He's turned me on to fantastic comics and apps and websites and books and on and on. I must admit that his appeal is not in his delivery (he sounds a little uncomfortable on the mic) but in his podcast's content, and his enthusiasm for the subjects at hand. Also, have to give a shout out for his book, Made by Hand, which was a sweet memoir/romp through DIY culture. The only problem about this podcast is that I can't seem to remember half of their recommendations since I listen during my commute and don't want to write them down because I'll undoubtedly smash into something and die if I do.
I love Boing Boing and everything that makes it so great is in Gweek. Different voices and experts, cool geeky subjects, people enthusiastic about things I love, and totally new things I never would have known about. I used to pick and choose what episodes to listen to but I've listened to and enjoyed them all. Gweek is a happy place.
I love this podcast.


By ErinCC
This podcast is so much better than the old Boing-Boing podcast, which appeared erratically. My only reservation is that the final product has not been edited for sound quality. Some participants may be Skyping in, or remote on cell phone, etc, and the up-and-down sound levels can be a problem for the listener. That said, the content of the show is always up to the minute and interesting.
best culture podcast hands down!
Very fun/interesting/offbeat stuff!
This is my favorite podcast of all. I listen to A LOT of podcasts and this is my favorite
Excellent show. Marc, Rob, Maggie, and everyone else are just great. The most recent interview with Robert Anton Wilson's daughter was out of this world.
This is one of my favorite podcasts. Mark is a great host and the guests he has are always interesting, even if going in you think they aren't going to be… they are. haven't missed an episode. Also one of the few podcasts I don't delete after listening as I might want to listen again!
Gweek is a well researched podcast from the editors of (a fantastic website) Mark and Co. consistently point out new and upcoming comics, books and games that I can't wait to pick up for myself. I really like the round table episodes with the editors, but really enjoy the insightful interviews with artists and writers you would normally never get to hear from. Thanks, guys, for this weekly sampling of great stuff! Please keep it up!
I've been listening for most of the time this podcast has been out there. It quickly became my favorite and still is. The audio issues don't really bother me very much, and actually I've come to think of them as something of a Gweek trademark. Also, just picked up Mark's book 'Made By Hand' yesterday and it is fantastic! An extra note: I've almost finished the book and have come to the conclusion that the best thing about Mark is that he is imperfect. It's scary, but refreshing, to look up to someone who has made mistakes at most every turn. Makes me think I might be OK after all.
Thanks for this great escape down a rabbit hole of geek every week
I'm enjoying Gweek immensely and have bought many cool novels, comic books and such from this podcast's mention of it. There are a couple of consistent audio issues, though. Sometimes, there will be an electric buzzing when one of the hosts talks (this usually occurs when a USB headset is in a specific Mac USB port for too long). The levels are also sometimes off and one guest/host would be louder or quieter than the others, which can be very annoying if the guest is calling in on a low-sound quality landline. More recently, the intro music was louder than Mark and I couldn't hear what he was saying during the intro. These issues aren't in every podcast, but enough to be consistently there. Even so, the content is great and the interviews are interesting as well. Mark does have a habit of talking about novels, comic books, etc. that hasn't come out yet, but I just put the release date of whatever sounds interesting (which is almost everything) on a calendar, so it's no big deal.
Mark Frauenfelder is pretty fantastic. He's not that easy to listen to; he's definitely not the best podcast host. His stuttering, awkward, slightly uncomfortable delivery might well turn a lot of people away, if you don't know that he's not a 20-something year old nerd that just escaped his Mom's basement. It almost turned me away, until I did more research on the man and have come to find that he's just an eccentric, and a pretty fantastic one at that. He's like a nerdier Kurt Andersen, or a much less confident Ira Glass, but like those two he's a Renaissance Man, and it's worth listening to just to hear all the things that he's into, especially if you like games and books and comics and building stuff. I'm getting a little weary of the "sit around a mic and talk about stuff"-style podcast, and I wish that there was a little more Interview in Gweek than there currently is. I also wish they'd hurry up and iron out all their technical issues (with sound, mostly). But it's just begun, and I can't wait to hear what these boing boings are up to next.
Enjoying the podcast, great work boys.
Very slow and there voices are nasally