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I love this weekly podcast. If there is anything your fans can do to help please let us know. And thx again for hour or so of listening enjoyment. MP FTW.
Always enjoy the show keep it up Brian
Hey brian. I love the show. You guys have pointed out a lot of things ive never really thought of. You guys do a great job and keep up the good work. I wanna hear more about WOM and pvp and pve though.
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Gj, keep doing it!


By Taanz
Worth listening to if you like pocket mmos
Was recommended to this podcast by PackLeader and it is awsome! Keep it up bud:))
Love it, always listen when I play. Awesome host awesome guests :) keep it up Brian!
i love to listen to this while i play, its interesting and has good information:)
I'm really enjoying following the development of the Gameloft mmo, oac, even though it may have its share of flops. Thx to Writer for all the great effort he is putting forth to keep this podcast going. Keep it up!
A perfectly competent podcast about an absolutely wonderful mmo.
Great podcast keep it up, agree with 90% of what you say game has TONS of potential. As for game update #1 as a healer the new rune set of armor is a godsend for the healer class. There is no good healer gear out there its all lower lv gear. I'm actually having fun in game again. PVP has picked up since new sets came out also, everyone is out and about playing with their new gear. Saw tons of complaints on forums, but still see those same people logged in running around playing all day. So for all the complaining I say 98% of people are stll playing.
Only thing missing is a co host I enjoyed when u had one a few episodes ago. Bring him back as a permanent host I would love that all talk shows need more then one host
Great show- informative and not over the top. Is able to praise without sounding like a fanboy and criticize without sounding like a troll. Helps me maintain my MMO fix until The Old Republic launches!
If Brian sticks with it (hopefully Gameloft, too) then we have a potential diamond here. Our host is amazing and has great flow - he sticks to his topics but doesn't linger too long. I hope we have an A+ co-host come around, because it would only make things better to an already awesome show. There are a few audio flubs but what else is to be expected on an amateur podcast (no insult intended).
Really enjoying this so far!
I really liked the first two reviews. I am currently only level 32 but I love this game and completely agree on everything you're saying. Thanks and keep goin'!! :)
Keep up the good work! I like it a lot!!


Finally some unofficial support for a great game. Once flips audio issues are fixed it should be even better!
Great podcast, have only listened to the first 2 tho. I will follow this and look forward to Brians future releases. Great job!