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By JLK3000
I may not always agree with your guys opinions on everything but I can’t take away your passion for film and what it means to you guys. Keep it going guy it’s a lot of fun to listen to.
Keep up the great work! Awesome reviews!
Very fun and informative podcast!
In-depth discussions about entertaining topics. Well worth the subscription.
I am new to this podcast, so I downloaded that 3 most recent episodes. Let's start off with the positives. The guys are very informative with movie news. With 3 episodes a week, they are up to the date with the news. Ok now on to the bad. Where to start? How about the sound & production "value". Yuk. The sound is very amateurish. Guess they never thought of doing any BASIC post production "noise reduction" or "volume equalizing". But that's not the worse part of their sound "quality". The worse part is the constant 1 second pause in between words that happens every other minute. It's so awful and annoying that it turns an otherwise boring podcast, bad. Then there's the segment of "box office predictions" game. This would be a cute game if it would be a 3-5 minute segment. Instead they devote like 15-20 minutes on this (the 3 episodes I heard). That's just way too long. We don't care that much about box office numbers. And at least two other reviews of this podcast agree with me. Stop it. And then the worst part of the podcast is that they seem to hate movies. These guys sound like film students who never made it in the industry and now just don't like movies much. At one point, they review Kevin Costner's "the postman" and they literally say "I absolutely loved this movie" and then preceded to give it a 3 star review. So a movie they "absolutely love" gets 3 stars? What's it take to get a 4 star review?! Jason is constantly using the phrase "who gives a ...." (I can't use the word he uses since Apple would block my review if I did.) but he says that phrase about EVERYTHING. About movies, actors, news, everything. It makes me ask the sane thing about this podcast, who gives a ....?! There are much better movie podcasts out there. The Empire Film Magazine podcast is great. Much better and funnier than Movie Mavericks (which isn't too hard since MM is not funny at all). The podcast "F this movie" is also great. And the comedy podcast "What's Up Bro" is a better podcast than MM. What's Up Bro isn't even a movie review podcast, it's a comedy podcast in which they happen to talk a lot about movies. WuBro has a great "old school pick" segment that is much better than any of the long, dry segments that's on this podcast. Save yourself a from this awfulness.
These guys put a lot of work and research into this show and they present it well. Probably more information than you need, but why are you here if you aren't a movie nerd seeking more information than you need?


By php1989
You guys should NOT be able to review anything.
The Movie Mavericks is great because Trevor and Jason keep thier audience up to speed on everything that is going on in film. You don't allways have to agree with their tastes to know that these two really put forth the effort in every show they do. Plus how can you go wrong when Patrick Stewart narrates the opening. The Vern of As You Watch Podcast
I'm impressed with the great stuff
I really enjoy the several shows a week you two put out; it helps with my long drives home from work. I especially like the box office prediction game. I have found it very interesting tracking what movies open with compared to the bar. Movie news and the back to the future segments are great too. Keep up the good work guys. -Audibly Pleased Charlie
Love the banter back and forth! keeps me informed. can't ask for much more
Jason and Trevor are an excellent pairing and work very well together. The shows are always information and fun, and when listening to the shows at work it makes the day go by much faster.
I listen to quite a few movie review podcasts, and Movie Mavericks is my go-to for the breaking movie news. Jason and Trevor get me very psyched up with news of upcoming projects, hollywood gossip, etc. I've no idea where they find their stuff, as they seem to be the first to know.
I stumbled across this show through a friend. Great find, interesting banter, informed hosts with years of experience and knowledge of trivial movies and events in cinema. Enlightening, humorous and an excellent way to pass an hour. Thanks for the entertainment to make my work day go bye faster.
love listening to Trevor & Jason's banter, reviews and weekly topics. every episode is always informative & their love for movies is contagious. keep up the great work guys! :)
I've recently been using this for all my movie news. It's entertaining yet informative. Keep them coming!
It's clear you guys know what you're talking about! I use this for all of my movie news. Keep up the great work :)
Love the show. I get all my movie news from these guys, they actually take the time to research and explore every aspect of cinema. These guys know what they are talking about, and it shows!
I like the immediacy of your podcast. The three shows a week really helps keep me up to date on the box office numbers and the film industry news. However, I think you spend far too much time analyzing the box office figures and don't spend nearly enough time reviewing the films themselves.
J and T really give you a comical, insightful Highlight of the latest movies and releases! Love the stats and other industry inside news and lingo that's buzzing around Hollywood. TMZ - watch out! Thanks so much for creating this keep it up!!
Keep up the good work. This is my favorite movie podcast out there and think what you do with box office predictions is great. I'll always be listening.