Bloody Elbow Radio

Reviews For Bloody Elbow Radio

This is, by far, the worst MMA podcast I've ever heard. Redundant, awkward, just bad.
In my opinion too many contradicting statements, very bias. Ridiculous. The UFC 168 post fight. Had many one side opinions. Not enough technical talk about fighting. Listen to Joe Rogan or ESPN for real UFC post fight interviews and opinions.
The website is great, but please spend a few hundred bucks and buy some real gear. Production quality is absolutely terrible: mic clipping, fuz, noise. Makes me appreciate the sherdog podcasts (even if they destroyed the lines ups a while back). Add to that an annoying host and I'm only 10 minutes in before deleting. It just gets worst as I listen more. Never been drunk? Maybe you need to get hammered. Painful.
Less talking about personal stuff like getting rained on in Texas, and more about combat sports.
Props to everyone responsible for making this available to all of us for hearing replays of events quicker than any other show.
This is one of the better MMA podcasts. The host Matt Bishop breaks down all the fight news well & doesn't hold back in expressing his opinion. The show could be more organized & have better co-hosts, but overall still a good listen.
Unfortunately, I attempted to listen to this podcast but the quality was fairly poor and the high-pitched screaming from all of the speakers made me mad. I am always willing to give somebody a chance, but the introduction was too much for me to handle. I'll stick with Beatdown.
I listened to half of Nov.12 podcast after UFC on Fox and I couldn't stand it. They were just really bias and basically swinging on JDS nuts the whole show, they find out JDS was hurt and he is a man for fighting but when reports come out that Cain was hurt they brush it off and it didn't matter because he got KO. Then they proceed to basically call anyone not named lesnar, overeem or Velasquez Bums. They trashed other fighters instead of breaking down the potential fights for JDS in a professional manner. If u want a non professional or intelligent podcast for that matter then this Podcast is or you.